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Removing Single Player didn't work for EA so I wouldn't think that a much smaller company would attempt to try it. The main focus was Single for Mordhiem, I wouldn't think for a moment they'd consider cutting what most of their fans did most of the time. It's not a strategy for success.

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I knew I was forgetting something.

Don't forget that Orks breed through spores and spread those when they die as well. If a grot gets somewhere an Orc ecosystem starts to grow, which means Orks are perfectly valid. That's what makes them so hard to actually remove for good. So if they want to add Ork gangs they very much can. Just I personally think they should be lower priority than all the human factions.

Also I had forgotten about the Xeno embassy. Doesn't lend itself terribly well to gangs but this does justify an Eldar presence, Dark Eldar would make the most sense though for similar reasons to Spyrers. But these would be even lower than Orks as far factions that actually should be added. Plenty of humans and humanoid mutants available first.

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So Necromunda 8th edition is out and while so far only Escher and Goliath have been given lists, there are some interesting confirmations in the background that shows continued support some of the expansion gangs from both Outlanders and Gang War supplements.

From what I remember the lore mentions Ash Waste Nomads, Shanty Town Gangs, Brat Gangs(Spyrers without fancy suits basically), Genestealer Cults, Scaavies, Ratskins, and I think Chaos Cults.

So in essence there's a lot of room for expansion while remaining in line with the official lore.

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I purchased the new Codex and found something relating to this. The psychic generating drug is called spook, a little can make someone develop psyker powers and a lot may permanently change them, or see their soul consumed by the warp.

It's supposed to be secretely popular with the Delaque for its utility for spying.

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The official term is hangers on from my new Codex, and there's a pretty good chance the devs heard of this because one thing that they were able to say was they've been in close contact with GW, so for theorycrafting there's a decent chance they'll take cues from the current edition of TT.

Yes I do think this is a good tie in to gang rating, lore wise it makes perfect sense, when your gang gets big and strong people will want to basically latch onto you for protection, once things are looking bad they'll soon abandon you. I really much prefer the idea of being able to rise and fall, and having upgrades tied to locations and people is a great way to do that in a way that's immersive and makes sense.

It also makes for thematic "quests" like the OP asks, that part I agree with. It becomes a little difficult again to speculate on what it should be, but assuming Settlements will be a key mechanic say to get discounts for gear sales a quest would basically be earn the favor of a settlement, maybe you rescue a trader being held hostage then you gain a hanger on who gives a flat bonus, or if Settlements offer bounties on troublemakers then collect one then that Settlement gives you a better deal. Then you can also lose it if the trader dies or get's scared off, or you lose the Settlements favor somehow. There could also be achievement quests like Mordhiem with bonuses that are more permanent, some things can be tied to the Gang as a whole, or even individual gangers.

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That kind of stuff is more than fine with me, but a universal system is not the way to go. They should be making individual gangs more immersive and unique, which doesn't include "your Cawdor gang got 300 kills, now your Escher gang and all alts get an weapon dealer." Or something like that. The Veteran system was about your Warband growing in fame and influence, if all got it it wouldn't.

Going to mention, the Table Top campaign has stuff about your gang's associates/hangers-on, non gang member suppliers and such. Contacts and merchants that provide bonuses that can actually be lost in certain scenarios where they are killed.

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What do you mean global veteran system? Like you get the upgrades for all your gangs?

I wouldn't want to see that, I'd rather see warband upgrades changed entirely, specifically the kind of bonuses offered by the veteran system being tied to stuff like territories you hold. Simplifying it to only need to get them once and have them for all your gangs is basically the oppisite of what I'd want.

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Yes, a verbatim implementation would be way to much to hope for, especially since I doubt many us have a great understanding of upper level programming, but I do hope as they plan the game they at least mull over some of the ideas that fans, myself included, have presented. But yes, a direction is all we can realistically hope for.

Of the two, Settlement interaction is more something I'd like to see. The lore has several rather major Settlements (Dust Falls, Glory Hole, and Junkion) that I really hope are going to be included, and they can just make up some more since there's always going to be new settlements and old ones going away. These three, primarily Dust Falls, are just a couple mostly permanent ones. I'd like to see ways we can interact with them besides sending resources for creds.

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@adam_rush29 Yeah, there's a least a little bit of attention paid, at least in the Welcome Area section, we can only hope there's some possibility of influence, but I know I have little idea of how difficult it is to program. Nothing is going to be strictly easy, but I think some ideas are worth it.

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@glarghface Well there's a couple things to note there, the Delaque/Orlock feud is more recent, but certainly is a valid point. But it's more like a generation old than an ancient rivalry, Delaque's assassinated the last Orlock House Leader after the Orlocks sabotaged one of their contracts. Point being, it's a fresh conflict rather than deeply ingrained. Should definitely be considered if they do this regardless. Also, you're absolutely right that Escher and Goliath hate each other. However, the new TT lore is expanding on the interdependence of the Houses. Escher is the Hive's drug and cham dealers basically, so despite their hatred, Goliath actually buy most of their growth stimms from Escher, and presumably Escher has to buy some raw materials from Goliath.

Now I wasn't talking about being Outlawed, more this one settlement has an issue with you and they are offering a bounty. The difference being that Outlawed means all towns shun you and want you dead, bounty means one does. But I do also hope Outlawing is either a thing to begin with, or makes its way in later with groups like Scaavies and Ratskin Renegades.

But yeah no, I wasn't referring to the law of the Underhive, just the "someone is offering money for your head" part that would be most of the Bounty Hunter's work. But the "law" is another thing.

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