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I don't think it'd be a very good idea, Epic has managed to amass quite a bad reputation in a short amount of time.

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House Escher: The Iron Maidens

Little known to the masses of Hive Primus the Darker Powers have long set their sights on the world of Necromunda. Its system is home to a labyrinth of Warp Lanes the Emperor’s Fallen Legions look upon with covetous eyes. Those once known as the Imperial Heralds have long since looked away from His Unholy Light and come once again to Bear the Word of Truth to those who have never seen a light brighter than the Hive’s neon distraction attractions.

The Underhive teems with souls who have rejected the harsh justice of Imperial Law as arbitrary and aberrant, and their voices have been heard by a cabal of Sorcerers known as The Black Hand, brothers once sworn to the Emperor’s Service to conquer a galaxy in Chaos, now sworn to each other and the True Gods.

Though the Heresy has long since been lost the Black Hand Cabal has not surrendered the fight for the soul of the Imperium, the Space Ports of Hive Primus being tantamount to the eventual victory of the Long War. Should the crimson Power Armored boots of the Black Hand step foot on Necromunda’s corrosive sands the result would undoubtedly be an Imperial response of such magnitude the Hives of Necromunda would likely crumble beneath the gears of mechanicus’ unstoppable war machine, and so, for now they must leave the fighting to proxies, mortal soldiers tasked with paving the way for their damned saviors in the dark musty halls of the Underive.

None no better than Veterans of the Long War that the murals of the Emperor’s Great Cathedrals lie. Not every battlefield is glorious and not every crucial cog is recognized for the role they play. Tzeentch has whispered that beneath the fetid domes of that sinking pit known as Hive Primus lies the key to vindication, and the Black Hand has sent forth a legion of cloned duplicates, guilders, Rogue Traders, rebels and renegades to walk the roads His Fallen Angels cannot. These agents, known as the Koronus Consortium, have long worked to infiltrate key locations such as Necrumunda, entrusting only their most favored servants with knowledge of the Truth and the consortium’s true purpose.

Chief among these is the sisterhood known as the Iron Maidens, a fellowship built in mockery of the Adeptus Sororitas by a simple gang leader named Fe Iron. Few of the Black Hand’s agents have knowledge of their true masters, but Fe was the first to truly believe that the Black Hand are simply their messengers.

Though she still lives in terror and squalor, Fe rejoices as the Dark Gods have whispered that the time of destiny is near at hand. Soon the Great Eye would open and the power of the Forgotten Ones would be known across the Galaxy. And on that day the time of hiding will be at an end. For now the Iron Maidens live in fear of the Inquisition and exposure to the zealous masses, and so they must toil in filth for scraps of tech from a forgotten age and mysterious substances known to open non-psykers to the Warp.

Whatever Fate may await the Sisters of the Iron Maidens they battle assured their Gods’ voices will be heard and their Victory in the Long War assured.

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I'm a pretty big fan of the Black Library and enjoyed the background lore surrounding Necromunda, which is one of the main reasons I'm excited about this game. Personally I'm looking forward to the RPG element and was wondering who out there had some fanon lore for their Gangs?

What's your House? What's your gang called? Anyone else spend too much time coming up with a background story for your gang?

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@glarghface The novel Fleshworks was pretty much entirely about hunting down a ganger to harvest his bionic limbs. This actually highlights one of the possible utilities of Saboteurs. In the novel the Van Saar had booby trapped their House's bionics so when a rival House tried to analyze their technology it exploded.

Therefore a pretty lore friendly way to have a pretty good idea that the enemy will actually walk to your trap is if you rig your own bionic limbs to explode. Gamewise if your ganger's dead and they're chopping his robot arm off to take home it'd open quite a few game possibilities. A bionic limb could function like a mine that activates on Ganger death, which could work by proximity, rigged to blow when they try to rip it off, or have your Gang Leader hold a detonator.

If rival gangs are persistent and hold territory then there can even be Campaign options. Let the enemy take your man's bionics home then blow it up there. Pretty sure you'd want a Sabatuer to disarm it in that case.

Or imagine if you could do some sort of Side Ops where you trick the enemy into buying a rigged bionic limb from your Gang. Personally I think it'd be pretty funny to win a Shootout by blowing off your challengers arm with the push of a button. But of course I'm a Tzeentch Sorcerer jovial Inquisitor.

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Power Armor would be all but restricted to Arbites and Spyerers. Power Armor is an Adeptus Mechanicus thing as it's a technology too important to leave to common citizens of the Imperium. Necromunda wouldn't have Power Armor facilities most likely due to them being a Hive World rather than a Forge World. Van Saar could kinda justify Power Armor because as of the new edition of Necromunda they have a malfunctional STC, so they have the technology. The problem would be that is Tech Heresy and would probably see their whole House wiped out by the Inquisition or something due to Power Armor being too important. I've read most of the original Necrumunda novels and they didn't have an example of any gangers with access to it, so I'd say pretty much no.

If anything it would be an Ultra Rare item in the Black Item. Something that would have to be smuggled in off world, and given the strict control of intergalactic shipping and the size of Power Armor it would be all but impossible to attain by anyone but the biggest and most powerful gang leaders.

So in short, Power Armor doesn't make a whole lot of sense unless Arbites are a thing. If Arbites and Spyrers get added, then they'd have access. As far as Gangers at that point it would make sense to be able to Loot the corpses of Arbites and Spyrers to get their armor. That was something that did happen in the Kal Jerico novel, where after they killed a Spyrer a Ganger took their gear for themselves. Without these groups then really I think that it would only make sense for high level campaign bosses to have them. It would be justifiable for some powerful enemy to have access to it. Having every gang inevitably getting access to Power Armor at some point wouldn't be very lore appropriate.

Which makes me think about the Saboteur class. Since they are the more tech focused class engineering and looting skills could be an interesting choice. Support characters do tend to at least feel underpowered, but if they get gear and loot bonuses then it could even things out more, making them more useful in the post-game and campaign.

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They also had Eldar Rangers and a couple other units that weren't included in true Gang rosters but they did have rules and had lore that justified their presence in the Underhive.

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@snickdesnick You are incorrect. One of the Codex's, I believe Outlanders, had profiles for Chaos Space Marines and it included a description that said they would occasionally operate in the Underhive. There's also Chaos Cults in the Gang War Expansion. So yeah, it's within the lore of Necromunda for this kind of thing to happen. If there happens to be a Chaos Space Marine around and there's Chaos Cultists around too, it makes perfect sense that the Cultists would want to start following the possibly 10,000 year old Champion of Chaos.

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Or if they didn't use Watchmen they can limit the "gang" population of Arbites by doing something like only allowing for Elite/Hero slots to be used and not even allow Arbites to have standard infantry. So it'd be kinda like if in Mordheim you only get your Leader and maybe get an extra Hero slot to offset not having any Henchmen available.

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There's Watchmen to consider. In the expanded rules of the original game they made it possible to turn your gang into the "Law", so they could possibly have it to where the Gang Leader is an Arbite and maybe have Enforcers for Elite options, then have the rest be some underhivers they use as a meatshields(Watchmen). It wouldn't have to be OP if they did it right. Arbites have a limited armory even if they have better guns standard. Something that would make sense to nerf them is that Watchmen and/or Arbites would be more limited in their options. Like Exotic or Xeno Weapons wouldn't be allowed, since Xeno weapons are illegal, so it would make sense that the Enforcer wouldn't allow their Watchmen to own or operate something like a Splinter Rifle, and weapon modifications are Heresy against the Mechanicus, so while Gangers can modify their weapons, Watchmen/Arbites would have to stick with Standard Issue. No extended magazines, no special scopes, just unmodified STC Weaponry. They're lawmen, not Inquisitors, they don't really get to change the rules.

This model can be used elsewhere. Like I'm a big Chaos fan and really want Chaos Cults to get added. They could use this model there too, with 1 Sorcerer or Chaos Space Marine leading a gang of cultists. They'd of course be able to modify their weapons, so to counterbalance they'd have to do stuff like make their weapons less reliable and harder to get to model Outlaw rules.