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Turf is definitely an important part of Necromunda, despite being largely represented in after game dice rolls. I would like to hear what they plan to do because it really should be a major component of the game.

What I'd like to see is taking territory being an important aspect of the game, doesn't mean that stuff like Shootouts and the like wouldn't be important as well, but those would be more like Skirmishes and Scavenging runs while conquering and defending territory would be more like battles you need to prep for. Territory should favor the Defender because they've had time to prepare, so as an Attacker it's something you have to plan for, gather resources and Gangers for a big attack. It shouldn't really be run of the mill in my opinion, but the product of strategy, with the normal Gang Fights being the standard.

To me the ideal would be that when you hold Territory you can make certain upgrades, some for defense, others to boost efficiency, and working a territory is basically putting in a garrison. Obviously this would make Attacking more difficult, so there should be prep work that helps overcome the defenders. Necromunda had rules like coming in from the vents and sewers, so you should be able to fight a pre-battle to take control of these sorts of things to bypass some of the defenses. Or you can just trust your gang is strong enough and go for a dangerous frontal assault.

Another thing could be as I said you should have to assign gangers to territory, and then there could be a reinforcement system where depending on what upgrades your territory has, things the attackers have done to undermine your response, etc.

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@Mekelan That's not entirely true, different segments of the city looked different when you picked a mission in those areas, and the campaign locations were represented on the map; the warf, the bridge, the temple, etc.

Places like Black Pit Settlement and the other places you sent Wyrdstone didn't seem to be, however, which while not a big deal I think was a missed opportunity to make the city feel more "alive." Wouldn't have to be particularly more complicated, just a matter of a few more ques to make show where the people you're dealing with are, and maybe where your Warband actually camps.

Despite that, I think the interactive map was better than a set of menus, I just hope they add in these sorts of things. Really just Major Settlements and Gang Territory. Not sure what more would be needed, but with these kind of additions it'd be a great improvement.

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Never read into Mordheim, liked the game, but were those lore characters or original characters?

Necromunda has lore characters, some from Codex and others from the books they printed for the setting. Mad Donna is from both so there's a pretty good chance she'll make it in for Escher, but more obscure characters from the other gangs are another thing. I wouldn't be surprised if the devs haven't read any of the novels, but it would be pretty cool if they were aware of the less known stuff. Original characters would be fine, gangs like Goliath don't really have any protagonists in the lore, some enemies that are mostly killed off so they don't have a lot of options, but it would be cool to see a few that do. Or Kal Jerico, he's not a ganger but he's got several books and codex rules so he's a distinct possibility.

I'm also sure there's going to be a map, my question is more what's going to be on it. Dust Falls is pretty major and I'm pretty sure it's in the Codex, but there's other places such as Glory Hole that were pretty consistent in the novels so I'd want to know if they'll make it on there. Also, I don't know if I missed it but in Mordheim even thought hey had the map I don't think I saw the locations you traded with actually on there, which would have added to the immersion.

Turf is also as you said a pretty important feature of Necromunda, so I'd like to see how that is handled. Attacking and defending gang holdings would be pretty awesome, especially if there was customization for them, more the better, but being able to hold, upgrade and fight over locations that are represented in game would be ideal.

A lot of potential here for immersive gameplay, I just wonder how much will be original and how much will be taken from the lore. I hope we get at least a few lore locations and a handful of the characters where possible.

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Self explanatory, who's your favorite Necromunda gang and why?

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Very cool. Say I saw you mention some of those are community made factions, which while nice for home games, for theorizing which factions could be added later I think they'll be sticking to official Necromunda gangs. Could you let us know which ones are community built and which ones are Codex and Gang War Official?

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@Mekelan In the matter of not wanting such groups to override the narrative of the story by being too big of a threat I agree. For example, Genestealer Cults being harbingers of a soon to be impending apocalypse with the Hive Fleet incoming would be a great game, it just shouldn't be this game. Similarly I wouldn't really want to see the heavy hitters like actual Chaos Space Marines(unless it's like 1 of them for a campaign mission) or something like that. That is a different theme than Necromunda where it shouldn't be about a earthshaking event, but gang wars.

However, I disagree that it needs to be that in order to be included. GW likes to frame it that way, but they don't have to. Each of those threats are usually small for a very long time, the seduction of Chaos culminating in small isolated cults usually. More what I'm talking about is if they add in the Outlanders stuff, with the whole Outlaw rules. As you said, there's a few rules that even Gangers don't break, and these are some of them. A way it could manifest is there's a way to turn your gang into a cult and that gives certain bonuses, but when you use these bonuses in a fight there's chances to get caught and when you do you get Outlawed, similar to hitting a Guilder asset. Done in a similar way to what I said, rather than being the big bad it's just a risky move to try to rise to power, one with the distinct probability of crashing on your head.

Then it just adds a new aspect to the sort of free for all wild west style of Gang Wars, as a counterpoint to the Redemptionists it creates an Outlaw holy war, which is part of the reason Redemptionists exist. Perhaps in being a purist you're looking at the idea and thinking that it has to be implemented in a certain way, and to you that way will undermine the main themes of the setting, and yes, that can happen, but it wouldn't have to. What I am trying to convey is for it to happen in a way that adds to the themes rather than override them.

But regardless, yes no matter the case I intend for my gang to be a Chaos cell regardless of if that can be represented in game. More importantly, I don't presume this will be a base game feature (well, Outlaw rules might be) but rather how the game can expand. Which is mostly Outlaws like Ratskins, Scaavies, Spyrers, Cults, and some Ash Waste groups that are also part of the Gang War expansions I mentioned. What I like about Chaos is that it can arrive side by side with Redemptionist Crusades and both can implemented in a way that adds new factions and also allows you to go a new direction with your existing gang.

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@Malo Hello Malo, I've checked out the Yak Tribes archive of the original Necromunda and all its expansions and since you're on here I wanted to ask if you could drop a link over in the Lore section? Someone else posted a "Lore for the Uninitiated" but it lacks the gangs from the Gangland expansions that you guys have. I think especially after we get more info, and interest, it would be great exposure for the lesser known aspects of Necromunda.

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While there was an Appendix entry for Chaos Marines and Plaguebearer/Daemonette/Horror/Bloodletter, I'm more interested in actual Chaos Cults that used custom Outlaw rules. That is different than standard Chaos as the human element is more like a side note in the lore. It's not as though they're the main enemy or anything, they're basically another gang like Redemptionists, but the Cult leader gets a mark and Nurgle Cults get to use Plague Zombies like Scaavies.

So I disagree on a couple counts. Not talking about them being the main adversary, just an Outlaw gang, or what I'd like even more, a risky way to try to give your gang more strength, as if you get caught as a cult then you're going to be Outlawed. I see it more as a potential expansion that can add another layer. I mean Chaos is an omnipresent threat. Not to mention, this isn't even a matter of Order Vs Chaos, especially taking into account that this is a different look at Chaos.

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Kal Jerico was definitely an entertaining character, but I think my other favorite old novels were Junktion and Fleshworks.

Junktion was cool because while it involved most of the major gangs and the Scaavies, they were supporting characters and the main character was just an Underhiver charged with maintaining the lights. On the one hand despite being short, like all the Necromunda novels sadly, it had a pretty involved plot, but more importantly it did a slice of life of an Underhive settlement and the difficulties of getting simple necessities in such a hostile place.

Fleshworks was also a good one as it was a mix between a spy story and Repo Men(the artificial organ repossession movie). It was about a Deleque ganger and his struggles both with other gangs and rivals in his own. I think it did a good job highlighting the morally grey nature of the setting as it wasn't a matter of him and his gang being the good guys facing the evil other guys, there was bad guys all around and the protagonist was really morally neutral.

There's a lot going for the setting and it's great to see it making a comeback. Hope they both republish and create new lore. They need to dump the almost curse words thou, have them or don't, substitutes just bring the story down.

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Very cool, it even adds in some of the Outlander groups. There's a few missing however from the Gangland addition books where they added in even more gangs like Chaos&Genestealer Cults, Ash Waste Tribes, and several others. Even with Houses and the Outlander groups like Scaavies, Spyrers, and Wyrds there's still even more content that can be worked in over time.

Currently I'm wondering if the Outlaw system will make its way in at launch, as even Underhiver's have some rules (mostly don't mess with the Guild).