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Chaos does exist in Necromunda, just not how the OP is probably thinking. Chaos Cults were a Gang War addition to the setting and could take the form of a Cultist brotherhood that acted a lot like Cawdor Redemptionists, using the Outlaw rules and adapted, or you could have a gang be a Cult. It doesn't really have to be distinct from the gang factions, just a matter of having a dedication to the Chaos Gods, though I think they did make you take a single one in the rules, but it could be Undivided.

It would be great if it was included, my Gang is going to be a cult regardless, but it certainly belongs in the setting (eventually) and is easily something they can expand upon. Don't know if they're doing the Outlander Outlaw rules yet, but it's something they could include when they do.

But no, several people here are wrong, Chaos is involved in the setting, there were even rules for Chaos Marines and minor Daemons. Mostly looked like for homebrew scenarios however. Besides the Cult, which were an official roster, just not in the main books.

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The 8th edition re-release should be great, but when is there going to be fresh news about this game? Its been silent for some time now.

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Been a fan of Necromunda for a while and have read a lot of the background and I wanted to ask about what the plans are to integrate the exisiting lore into the game or if they'll be creating their own locations and characters?

In several of the novels of the novels there key locations that I was wondering if were going to be in the game in some fashion.
Key ones that existed accross multiple stories are:
Dust Falls, it's a centrally located town that is a gateway to the underhive, built on the top of an industrial spill that ate its way down to the Sump Lake and is basically a transit hub.
The Sump, I imagine this will make its way in, it's a giant toxic lake at the bottom of the Underhive where all the nasty chemicals of industry gather.
Glory Hole, a major settlement that appears in several Necromunda novels. Mostly in Hagen's bar.
Hive Bottom? Think I'm wrong on the name, but at the bottom of Dust Fall's tunnel to the Sump is a town built on the shores of the toxic lake. Also a recurring settlement.

In addition, there's of course several characters like Kal Jerico, Klovis the Redeemer, and Mad Donna who I was wondering if were going to be involved at all.

Regardless, I imagine like Mordhiem there will be a represenative map of the Underhive, something that I've wanted for a while as it creates a more immersive setting to just have an idea of where things are supposed to be in relation to one another, especially if named Settlements are going to be included.

An official response would be awesome, but I was wondering if anyone else out there remembers any locations, characters, etc they'd like to see make it in?

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It is I, DeTortor, and I would like to assure any members of the Inquisition that I am definitely not a Sorcerer. I have taken an interest in Necromunda for some time now, reading most of the novellas and fluff around it and enjoy the focus on the "normal" aspect of 40k's downtrodden dregs and how they try to escape slavery of the corpse throne... I mean shirk their glorious duties to our beloved Emperor.

Anyways, my upstanding trade consortium that definitely did nothing wrong shall soon be dispatching agents to the fine world of Necromunda to secure resources and recruits from the Underhive. Hoping for news soon as its been ages since I visited Hagen's place and I eagerly await our return to those deceptively fortuitous depths.

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Still figuring out these forums, but for you Imperial zealots if you don't know there's a comic of a Redemptionist about Cawdor's own Klovis the Redeemer. Mixes humor and grimdark in proper 80's fashion. I'll try to link it if I can find a copy but you should check this comic out if you can. Necromunda has several characters of note but this fanatic has style.