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I understand that. I've followed developing games before. Some people have misinterpreted planned features as absolute promises and react poorly if they don't pan out. I don't expect you guys to build entirely new features based off a forum post, but I was wondering if our discussions have any influence when you guys are weighing your options?

And of course like any game addict getting a taste of information leaves me wanting to know more.

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Does that mean you're still weighing ideas? I understand that the vast minority of forum posters have anything in the way of programming experience, but I would like to ask if the team has thought about anything we'd discussed?

Personally I'd like to hear more about Conquest mode, I'd been hoping that there would end up being a more strategic element to the campaign itself and that sounds promising. You know stuff like how it will work, are enemy gangs randomly generated per mission, what kind of mission options there will be, etc.

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That would be cool, but it's not something they really get final say over. It's not just technology, consoles don't want to share customers with eachother. They want all your friends to own the same system you own, their system.

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Good to know. Classes are a bit limited in the Tabletop, glad there's going to be a greater variety.

Saboteur being capable of sabotaging things in the environment sound promising as well.

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Conquest Mode definitely indicates territory control. A positive development for sure in my opinion.
The next question is if Conquest Mode will have more mission types than territory control, what systems will be in place, etc. Many more questions.

It definitely indicates that there will be a campaign map similar to Mordhiem, and that it should be more interactive, with places you fight for control of. Can't have Conquest without persistent territories. Now the question is how it will work, how close to the mark we got, and less importantly if they considered any of the ideas discussed for feasibility.

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Glad to hear that territory conquest will be a key game mode. Looking forward to it being elaborated on, stuff like will territory have an upgrade system, will there be persistent enemy gangs, gang sizes, how the campaign works, what kind of missions will be available, etc.

Looking good so far.

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So territory control is going to be a feature, or rather a campaign option.

And the classes sound like they will be more developed.

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Everything below this sentence is information from the official trailer.

Necromunda: Underhive Wars is the first video game adaptation of the Games Workshop tabletop game, with a unique setting and perspective on the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

The turn-based tactical gameplay pits you against rival gangs in brutal gunfights, taking place in huge, vertical environments. Command one of Necromunda’s iconic gangs, embracing anarchy, violence and death in an endless war for control to dominate this hellish place.

Every fighter is highly customizable in loadout and appearance, and has access to a career that unlocks further skills, traits, weapons, and visual elements. With each battle won, your gang members grow in power, earning more powerful skills and loot, but beware! Even victories will result in casualties - deaths and injuries are permanent, and you’ll need to live with the consequences of every battle.

For an even deeper challenge, Conquest Mode offers an endless campaign featuring 4X mechanics between the turn-based battles. Fight over key territory to take complete control and prove your gang is the most fearsome on Necromunda! Then bring your unique gangs online, challenging other players in competitive multiplayer, and claim the Underhive for yourself!

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So, uh, did I miss something?

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@vile-beggar There's always room for refinement.

Necromunda has something that makes certain things less viable, verticality. While Mordhiem had different elevations, they weren't all that important. A difference of 3 floors, maybe, and you're almost always scaling the side of a wall.

There's a difference here, Necromunda is a city stacked on top of a city, on top of another city, and you're in the city that's been pushed below the surface by the weight of the cities stacked on top. Thusly, the number of potential falls dramatically increases, as does its deadliness. So, the randomness of falling is going to mean something different. On Mordhiem it generally means a laugh or a groan as your guy tries and fails to scurry up a wall. In Necromunda it will often mean falling distances that should kill you.

Then there's also ladders, they should be there, because of all the verticality. It would get old fast when your Gangers keep falling off 100 foot ladders and splatting on the ground. You really shouldn't fall off a ladder unless you're being shot.

But yes, a degree of randomness was a feature of the game. However, it needs to be adapted. Here they should look to the TT. There should be additional factors. In the TT, you get shot at near an edge you take a roll to see if you fall. That's easy to adapt. Get shot at, check to see if you fall. Get hit, take a worse chance. Have a railing, chance to fall goes way down. Have a bull charging Goliath smack you with a Power Hammer, chance to fall. Etc.