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Orks have been one of the top win rate factions, especially in higher tiers. They are still very good!
One thing to keep in mind is that they have some hidden attributes as well, Ork ships take tripple damage on criticals, and double the amount of crits upon losing a troop layer.

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Using the script if pretty simple, you just navigate to the folder (in command promt) with the script, give it the encrypt command, file to encrypt, then location to encrypt to.
The main part that seems to trip people up is getting python, pip and the crypto installed (and having the right versions!)

python bfg2.aes encrypt C:\BFG2Mod\UnitSchemaOfficial.json.dec C:\BFG2Mod\UnitSchemaOfficial.json

I have some modding resources on my server if it of help to anyone:

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Excellent response from Ahriman, direction matters for what systems could be damaged if a crit is rolled.
Also keeping in mind the Class crit reduction for each ship (a battleship will only take 20% of crits where as a cruiser will take 60% of crits).
You can almost never crit the engine from the front, and these directional crits mean that you NEVER want your rear taking a pulsar volley as it will crit your engine most of the time.

Likewise with Imperial Broadsides, only the side getting fired on can be critted.
It's a neat system

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Skins/visuals that could be earned or purchased would be a very nice addition to BFG2, and something that I would certiantly pick up!
Being able to earn this currency in small amounts from ranked would also encourage more players to stay active as your getting a tangible reward.

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They can only be built in systems with the strategic attribute (enables you to build a station once the system reaches level 3)

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Any deep modding requires modding the pak file.
Only a couple of players actually know how to do that, it's pretty convoluted.

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Yup, Pyro niads are the result of a bug getting fixed (before this patch Niad Pyro Fires would often not trigger).
Now with it fixed they are absolutely terrifying and dominate ranked.
An IMP BB with it's shields down for 20 seconds turns into this:
alt text
Each fire dealing 90 damage + 180 Morale....

Stats for the main prow mounted Pyros:
(Base %crit + with lock on + with pyro upgrade)

Light Pyro Acid Artillary: 3.5% to 7% to 10.5% 1.05 Fires/Min
Heavy Pyro Acid Artillary: 10.5% to 21% to 31% 3.1 Fires/Min
Super Heavy Pyro Acid Artillary: 14% to 28% to 42% 4.2 Fires/Min

When you have a few BB's mounting 2 Super Heavies per it gets ridiculous pretty quickly.
One of the main issues is the crit multiplier, 28% with lock on is fine but when it also gets +50% of that added on top by the pyro upgrade to 42%.......

What in particular re: Ordnance?
It likely will be receiving changes