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@nickclark89 said in On the romance options:

lgbtq people are interested in romance in rpgs because it's the only way to be a lgbtq main character in videogames, but we do care about other aspects of the game, just this is something we care the most because it let us be ourselves and being represented, because mainstream media in videogames dont give a damn about us (a few games are breaking the mold Tlou, LiS, and that's pretty much all)

Nicely put. I think if the devs follow up and improve upon what they did for Andrew, that would be quite great!

For me, as a gay guy, the romance option(s) is a big draw for me. I'm looking forward to learning more about the game. 😉

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Finally figure out how to do multi quotes!

@lee80 said in Male Companions in Greedfall?:

Andrew was a breath of fresh air compared to Dorian or Gil. I love romances that are actually about the 2 guys-not about the world judging them for who they are. I also like that he didn't flirt with the girls like most of the bisexual characters in BioWare games. He was nice to them and acted like a friend. Much more realistic and enjoyable to me!

That's a good point indeed. Andrew romance is nice because of it lacking real-life social commentary ( "my dad hates me for being gay" in Dorian case or "gay guys need to procreate" in Gil case).

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@foelhe said in Male Companions in Greedfall?:

I gotta be honest, I kinda feel like "attractive" guys in games fit into two or three really narrow, really boring archetypes, and I'm pretty tired of it. Anders is a prime example - I never really found him all that attractive because he looks like he was designed by committee. If I have to choose between getting a character who's traditionally attractive and getting one who has a face with personality, I'll go with the latter every time.

Agreed. Love the characters with a more unique appearance that's something you're not entirely used to, or expecting.

I hope we can have the best of both worlds where the characters look great, have unique appearance, and have great personalities. I hope Spiders will be able to accomplish this.

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@mariecécile-jacq Great to hear that you put effort into making the characters. I really enjoy Andrew, as I find him to be quite attractive. But it is his personalities and his quest that truly shine.

I could not help but compare with other Bioware human m/m LIs. Most of the time Bioware has not put much effort into m/m romance options compared to other romances, especially straight ones. I'll have to agree with @nickclark89 that Bioware m/m romances are mostly disappointing or partly problematic. Comparing Liara romance to Kaidan romance shows this.

So my suggestion is of course to put as much effort in all romance equally as possible as you said! And I also would love to see more interactions between PC and an LI as they explore the world and more acknowledgement of their relationship from others as well.

Thank you very much!

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I will instantly buy this game if it has excellent gay romance!

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