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The Unified Patch

[Bug 1] The UI freezes when transitioning into battle of prematch (3443188;08.01.2019)

  1. Go to the object in the pre-match to display the UI
  2. Wait for launch in the main battle (UI will not hide)

[Bug 2] Button does not work (3443188;08.01.2019)

  1. Go to the lobby
  2. Click on the "Add friend"

[Bug 3] UI animation of the "Personalization" window does not work in the "Settings" (3443188;08.01.2019)

  1. Go to the lobby
  2. Click on the "Setting"

[Bug 4] Problems of localization into Russian (3443188;08.01.2019)

  1. "нету" -> "нет" (
  2. Other problems

[Bug 5] The UI-map freezes when wolves killed me in the pre-match while watching the map (3443188;08.01.2019)

  1. Go to the game
  2. Open map

[Bug 6] The reload animation of the Remington 870 is not synchronized with the hands (3443188;08.01.2019)

[Bug 7] Objects are located "in the air" (3443188;08.01.2019)

[Bug 8] Add item icon (3443188;08.01.2019)

[Bug 9] After lifting on the rope the sound of gunfire still played (3443188;08.01.2019)

[Bug 10] If you run and switch to a weapon with 0 rounds, the recharge will be on the run, without going to step, but if you start another recharge to fill the cartridge, the character will go to step (3443188;08.01.2019)

[Bug 11] The water Shader is very bad. His eyes hurt (3443188;08.01.2019)

[Bug 12] If you right-click on module 1, despite the fact that module 2 is already on the weapon-there will be an animation of pressing the button without action (3443188;08.01.2019)

  1. To install the module 1 on the weapon
  2. To take the module 2 inventory
  3. Click the right mouse button on the module 2

[Bug 13] This UI really gets in the way of playing (3443188;08.01.2019)

[Bug 14] The number of cartridges in the magazine does not change after switching the magazine (3443188;08.01.2019)

  1. Go in game-go In battle-Take 2 weapons (machine gun) - Take 1 increased music
  2. To take increased
  3. Charge weapon 1
  4. To rearrange the store for increased weapon 2
  5. Charge weapon 2
  6. Switch to weapon 1

[Bug 15] Ammo in the inventory is over, but the icon is not updated (3443188;08.01.2019)

[Bug 16] Near the railway visible gap in the terrain (3443188;08.01.2019)

[Bug 17] My car flipped over and I got into it (3443188;08.01.2019)

[Bug 18] * (3451391;10.01.2019)
P.S. This bug was reported by another player


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