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Can this get an update? It has been a while since a new release, and with 2 new maps, hardcore and frenzy mode, nothing seems to work. Also, current server connections are showing "Failed to connect to the remote server 'Drunken Republic Gaming' The server is either down or the query port is incorrect/not forwarded." This was a great utility, but now its a waste of space. I really enjoyed it and would like to see a fully updated version that works with the newest patch. Thanks for all your hard work, I love this tool!!!

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I have an issue with my ground textures missing. I can see grass and some foliage, but no actual ground. I can see through the hills that are in front of me and such. This is MUCH more of a hindrance than a blessing! Please help me out. I am running an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 16-core with an AMD Radeon Vega 64 graphics card. I have tried multiple different display settings and nothing seems to help. I will include screen shots to show my issue: