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@tyran272 said in Tyranids Faction Feedback Thread:

We are hilariously over represented on the leaderboard, so yeah expect nerfs.

Partly due to many people logging back to try newly buffed shooty Nids. This shouldn't be surprising - people hate nerfs, espesially when they aim at total winrate by tweaking cost instead of lowering overperforming parts of a faction and buffing underperforming ones. Nids not only got better - they got variety, even if 2 former meta fleets are now more of a meme than anything else.

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@Fosil Hiveship after the buff is good, I understand, but prow weapons have 10 dps total? 30% crit rate is insane, I can agree with that.

Are we getting nerfs? Guess we are getting nerfs, guys! Again... It probably will all be around lowering crit rates, which will address both plasma and acid weapons overperforming.

@Uniquecalin the pyro build mentioned is usually 2 Bio Acid Hiveships + any + 7-8 Corrosive Kraken escorts, those you bring mostly for fires (despite what Fosil said they have ~8 dps, same as Orks' or any other brawler fleet 'go-to' escort). Armor and regeneration may or may not be stripped from them in later patch though.

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hive ships have been 160 speed since the first open beta

Well I'll be damned then. I guess after not playing them for over a month my memory is playing tricks on me. Even tho I did use 3 Hive carriers to a somewhat of a success.

Also @Fosil I'd correct one bit. Not acid weapons are overpowered, it's more of a fires, or to be exact, morale damage that 8-10 stacked fires can do is definitely OP. When facing Crons that are immune to fires, or kroot/roks with total crit immunity the difference is very noticeable. Right now any fleet that relies on fire DoT gets free mass mutinies as bonus, this needs to be addressed.

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Well I tried Nids a bit and at least their pyro acid build is playable, even if shut down by fleets immune to crits/fires.
Broadside shooty Nids are out of question obviously, no turn speed and rush designed only for chasing/ramming.
Carrier play was nerfed to the ground for everyone else but Nids can still pick opponents apart because rEaSoNs. Spamming Infestation Devourers as go-to build isn't recommended tho.
Jaws are marginally better compared to last patch but are too all-in because Relay does not affect BCs. Get destroyed by any brawler fleet, critting jaws and watching them wiggle around is still a thing too.
A thing that wasn't mentioned in patch notes (and I have no idea when it was snuck up) is that Hiveships all have 160 speed now, so having one as spare synapse ship is basically mandatory (those were shit before, now they at least can keep up with the rest of the fleet)

Also big part of bugs being resurrected from the dead is that mobile harasser fleets aka eldar are even more dead. Bronze guys cried, Tindalos delivered, zero legendary spots for pointy-ears is the result. Torps/impalers were the only thing going for them, not enough.

But at least once since release the patch for Nids is a hit. Covering for weak points/admitting design flaws instead of playing with cost and aiming for shallow 'balanced winrate' is the way to go. One thing devs seem to miss is that players hate to lose on the loading screen. A race that have more tools, more 'safe' matchups will always be more popular than 1autowin/1autolose nonsense we have with almost everything now.

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Some input from me.

Drukhari's Dark Matter Cannon is 25% slow, not 75.

Drool Cannon lasts 4 seconds, so 4 fires max (info may be outdated, I haven't used it after 2nd update)

Tau Railgun. I'm fairly sure it's 300 damage and tooltip is just being wrong.

And finally, Micro Warp Jump. I understand that you aren't using fleets this ability fits into but as player that abuses it regularly/plays against top players that use it to its full potential I can say it. Specifically for fleets with Retribution/BattleBarge/Voidstalker it's S+ no jokes.

Not because it's an instant get-out-of-jail free card. Not because it allows you to bait/punish poor positioning (better say not defensive enough because there isn't really good position against a fleet with MWJ). Not because said above nowadays also comes with 1-2 free capture points thanks to new capture speed.

It's because 4 charges of map-wide teleport make MWJ flagship virtually untouchable. It's simply not worth to invest time/efforts to catch it, and the most common strategy against it is to force an engagement with the rest of the fleet so flagship will have to use aggressive jump. It still gives positional and timing advantage to your opponent but is as good as you can get it.

Obviously said above only applies to battles where one side has MWJ and other does not. Also this excludes cases where fleet without MWJ has good defensive position with 3-4 points being close to each other, so overall rating isn't really mistaken BUT all above was necessary to mention, especially nowadays where feedback is hard to come by.

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Very impressive, props to you good sir. I can nitpick here and there but agreed in 95%. Maybe you could do the same for the skills, I wonder if that is too much to ask. You seem to have a good grasp of current meta.

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They do have homing torpedoes in lore, yes. I'm pretty sure there was also a request to add those, but at that time Nids were OP, so obviously it was ignored. And I say obviously because nerfing Relay and rebalancing entire roster with new/reworked weapons seemed too much of a hassle back then so we got what we got.

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With pretty huge amount of changes I'm not surprised this one sort of went under radar. Any high level player insight on this? Do you think it's being better than before to the cap mini-game?

I personally think it should be toned down. Capital ship having faster capture than escort is very intuitive, I dig that. But 5x speed? Hello? Something of likes

ES - 0.7
LC, CR - 1
BC, GC - 1.5
BB - 2

seems alot more reasonable to me. Capital ships having 3x cap speed compared to escorts, not 10x we have right now. Any thoughts?

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So... the update. Should I even give a feedback on it, I wonder.

The Synaptic Relay is gone. I doubt any high level Nid would argue against that decision, even if it alone would make spacebugs' winrates plummet. We aren't getting any kind of compensation for that though, well? Time will tell if that's reasonable or not.

I tried to bring a hiveship specifically to use this new version of Relay, eeeehhhhh - I dunno, keeping your flagship behind is definitely cheaper, I'd say.

The ordnance change though, oh boy. With related posts already present I'll try to be as neutral as possible and just call it the worst way possible one could ever try and fix carriers. OP orders are here to stay, but cooldown thing is definitely a way to remove Infestation Devourers from meta, haha. With Chaos Khorneflakes Carriers, Ork Looting Upgrade Carriers (and many other fun fleets), and entire Tau race as collateral. Their legendary rank table is shrinking as I write this, poor souls.

And yes, we aren't getting damage. No pyroacid for us, gentlemen! Not that I really was expecting developers to - I dunno - make 2/3 of ship roaster viable or something. (I'm actually not being sarcastic, I really wasn't, that kind of change is usually very slow to come up, even if everyone agrees it's kind of needed)

Overall with my experience I noticed one reiterating detail with many, many games and their respective developers. It is that bad decisions are always to stay. Sometimes they are toned down, but if some kind of new button is added, this very button is never going away. So i'm reeeeally worried about the direction we are going right now.

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While we are at it I'd also add that 'Lightning Arc Battery Weapons' has its firing arcs messed up. Description states '180° both sides', but it's a pure broadside weapon.

And somehow I reckon this being very old bug, but every new ship features this weapon, so it's reemerged and is even more annoying than before. Anyhow this tricked me into thinking Harrower may be a good ship, but 9k broadside necron fleet would never work.