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Might want to do that in the Blood Bowl section, @Mr-LITHIUM

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Seems appropriate.

Necrons, eh? Metallinids!

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You mean the scatter template?

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@BrokenFace - It wasn't me. I no longer admin for CCL as I resigned a few months back (can't get rid of the tag on the forum, for some reason). I was simply saying what the reason very likely was.

As for refunds, you'd need to ask your retailer.

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@foczer what's your coach name?

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That's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure it would work in the highly variable setting of BB. Death will come far too often. It would require some fairly fundamental mechanism changes to make it anything other than frustrating on-pitch, or some sort of off-pitch deus ex machina intervention which might kill the immersion you appear to be trying to create.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea, simply that the game might not be geared up for that sort of thing.

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Yeah, sorry, I could have been a bit more specific there! Works fine after a refresh.

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Nice work. Minor issue, but when you mouse-over Chaos you also get Chaos Dwarf highlighted. This also happens when you mouse-over Dwarf. It doesn't happen with any of the Elf teams.

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