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This looks like a Cyanide-only effort from the steam page, so I doubt he'll be able to say much.

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Now this one does look like a bug, although possibly a graphical one. It would have been interesting to see if he had come on at the end of the drive.

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If the roll on the Injury table is a KO then the Apo can do something about it. Otherwise it cannot.

If the Injury table roll is a Casualty then there is a Casualty table roll automatically, which the Apo can reroll and you can select either result. If one of those two results is Badly Hurt and that result is selected the player can go into the reserves.

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@raichuss said in Apothecary displaying Casualty results when used on Injury Table:

My point still stands, critical game-breaking information is being displayed to the player before they are in that game state.

I should not be able to make this value judgement in your altered screenie. I do not believe it is working as intended.

No, that first "casualty" roll is the first result. The second result can be seen in my second screenshot under "Apothecary".

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I'm not understanding you. Not sure why.

If player is KO'd, apo can be used to keep him as Stunned.

If player is Injured, roll on Casualty table producing Result 1. Choose to use Apo to produce Result 2. The player can choose either Result 1 or Result 2 to be applied. If either of those results is Badly Hurt and is selected it becomes No Casualty.

This is series of screenshots of a test I just did.

  1. Injury happens and I have the option to use the apothecary:

  2. I choose to use the apothecary. The roll is made and I am given the option of either the original result (which is Badly Hurt which, when the Apo is used, becomes No Casualty - see Apo rules above) or the new result:

  3. The No Casualty result is chosen and applied:

You can see from the dice logs that at the point at which I am given the option to use the Apo I only know the original result. This is working correctly.

(and yes, it really did take 11 freaking turns to make those chorfs get a cas on snotlings...)

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@raichuss said in Apothecary displaying Casualty results when used on Injury Table:

A Badly Hurt result goes to the Dead and Injured bin, not Reserves. What is going on?

Apothecary rules:
During a match, an Apothecary may attempt to cure a player
who has suffered a Casualty or been KO’d. An Apothecary can
be used only once per match. If the player was KO’d leave him
on the pitch Stunned, or, if he was not on the pitch, put him in the
Reserves box. Otherwise immediately after the player suffers the
Casualty, you can use the Apothecary to make your opponent
roll again on the Casualty table (see page 25) and then you
choose which of the two results to apply. If the player is only
Badly Hurt after this roll (even if it was the original Casualty roll)
the Apothecary has managed to patch him up and pump him full
of painkillers so that the player may be moved into the Reserves

So, a Badly Hurt goes to the reserves if the Apothacary is used whether or not it was the second roll.

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Again, I may be misunderstanding you, but you get to choose which of the results is applied. Meaning if you roll Badly Hurt and the Apo rolls Dead then you can choose the Badly Hurt result instead and still go to reserves.

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