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You just nee to go into game settings and windows setting sounds and balance it out for you to hear, i had the same problem but works great for me

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How about just giving the commander full control spotting calling in strikes

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We need a few things in this game

  1. Server listing need a Favorites option, so we can save servers instead of search all the time to find them.
  2. Hoping NWI will open workshop mods soon in this game.
  3. New maps New maps New maps its getting repetitive at this point with just few maps to play, please New Maps.

Game Issues:
Doors still invisible at times even after update.
Bots can walk right through fire at times with out damage.
Some bots can be invisible at times.
Bots can see you and kill you through smoke and you can t.
People are getting stuck at some points on the map Like walls, crates, etc.

I m concern because after the full release, we have heard much from NWI ? no hot updates to polish this new maps. I M not complaining and want to say good job NWI but is this all we get????

AlphaDog clan.

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Major ping pikes, while in game uses 7.33 g my 8 g of ram will i need to up my ram to play this game?

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