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Twitter it is then. Well, back to waiting and watching for me. May it go Gold soon & without much crunch. :)

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Which social media would be used to disseminate the information in the upcoming months? I am following the tweeter feed for Greedfall, will that be the primary go-to for news/updates/reveals for the game?

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It depends on what specifically you look for in "customizable" department. Technomancer imo is very strong in artwork & character department. The setting strongly resonated with me personally, but I am not sure if it would with others. The game also requires the players to engage their own imagination to handle a multitude of fairly simple "meet the characters in this world" quests in the same areas, rather than providing a pre-chewed multitude of areas or animated mini-movie like quests. I do like the fighting model, but it will probably be shot down by those who love complicated builds and a huge variety of classes. In terms of companion cast, Technomancer imo is very good, but makes a mistake of keeping you with fairly basic temps for a long time, before you actually are playing with the real cast. And, well, one of those temps is made unavailable for no good reason, and imo it's a pity. Playing only as a male and a male with a specific name reduces the RP value of Technomancer, but the voice is good, and luckily you can give the guy the face you can love. Romance-wise, all three options are not off-putting and different, at least, though it is not guaranteed you'd find just the soulmate. An out of party romance with a certain Merchant Prince or a via correspondence with Sean Mancer would have been my pick if I could make the game mine, but I was also able to imagine romancing two out of three companions on offer.

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And that's an understatement. I am playing technomancer atm, and cannot compliment enough the cleverness of the setting, the ideas and artwork that went into that game. I would love an option to put Greedfall on my wishlist asap. I would love to see more written about it in anticipation or some sort of teasers from the developers, artists and writing staff.

Best of luck, and stay awesome!

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@MarieCécile-Jacq said in Will Greedfall have same sex romances like Technomancer?:


In Greedfall you can play a man or a woman with some basic facial customisation options (skin colour, hairs, facial hairs...). You will also be able to develop your relationship with your five companions, and if you're close enough to some of them you will be able to have a romance with them, which will of course include gay/lesbian romance.

Thanks for your interest :)

This just put the game as top of my list for 2018. I really liked the setting, but without character customization, I felt really not interested, as I had the whole "not another male protagonist" syndrome. Please, make it clearer that you CAN play a male/female and have a bit of wiggle room to customize the character for the folks like me not familiar with your previous products. Will follow the game religiously from this point on.

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