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This hotdog guy makes the best posts 🙂 lol

That said I had some pleb running down the timer the other day where do I report it?

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While guys like this are pretty annoying to play against it's bloodbowl. You will face murder teams who don't care about the ball. Even more so in the ladder.

My first recommendation would be to join an organised league. A team like his would not thrive and so is rare. Secondly don't stress about playing teams like this and as others have said appreciate playing a "light" team you are going to have deaths and casualties. This should be part of the fun challenge of playing them. If you don't like this aspect it's better to play a fighty team.

Another point his claws are pretty redundant vs your team. So he is giving away thousands into to you there.

Another point. If this is the player I'm thinking off he's not a great player and can be beaten. I watched a stream last night where a guy beat him 2-0 as he doesn't even bother much with the ball.

Finally don't worry about deaths in these games. They are actually quite rare, so are injuries. So if you bought an extra apo you can survive. Also with skaven you can outplay them even with 7 or so players. Never give in. I had a recent league game where I think 3 of my players were knocked out first go. And my opponent scored on my drive. I still won 2-1 so in bloodbowl never give up.

I find the best way to play is to have a laugh and role play. Skaven are meant to die a lot. You can't play them if you don't like this aspect. It's like being an elf. They are the best bloodbowl players but have the shortest lifespans.

Hope that helps some.

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Thanks guys that makes them more useful. Wish they stated who they were lol. I've been trying to figure it out for ages.

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So in the dice roll post match menu. I know most of the rolls are for me but who are these following rolls?


And what do they mean ie casualty 2 sucess and 1 fail. 66%. Is that meaning I hit 3 players, broke armour and only 2 were cas. Or 3 of my players were casualties. So confusing. Thanks!

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I asked this question and I think there is no real set answer. I would say think this if you win the toss.

Can I get the ball off the enemy?
Do They have subs?
Are they a better team than you?
Can you do 1 turn td?
Can they do 1ttd.
Am I going to fight better with the ball to worry about or without?
Do They have a chainsaw etc and few subs?

I think usually as an agility team even it can be better to receive and attack. The opponent concentrates on getting the ball and you can do some damage on attack. But then the flip argument is defending with a full team so kicking to them... they then have to defend the ball so you have less men to worry about.

As a fighting team it can be better to attack usually. You can score and beat them to a pulp but then on the flip side they could get the ball from you etc.

It's dependent on a lot of factors. There isnt really a set answer imo. Keep a track of how you do in each situation to see?

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Thanks for all the comments. I meant in the main open ladder league with less than 5 conceeds.

Ima try high elves next season. And Amazon's when I get the pack. Also I tried norse but got really unlucky and destroyed physically first game so it put me off a bit.

I'll still keep playing skaven though caus I love them and I just got an ag6 gutter! So I'm gonna try make him my thrower. See how it turns out. :p

Ps my play style is usually fighting a bit where I have advantage in numbers. I enjoy having a big guy on the team and I would love to dare to pass long (I always fumble...) I don't really enjoy cage tactics though I use them when needed. I prefer manouvering. I tried necromantic but the mix of players is hella confusing and I didn't do great with them. But I did ok. My best performing team has been dark elves.

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@booncabal said in Which team is the best in bloodbowl.:

Saudis I've never tried as they don't appeal to me but I should give them a try. They are hard to stop scoring!

The Saudis have a team? Do they have hamels; half man, half camel?

Using italics as I'm too stupid to work out quote.

Lmao my phone did that. Either that or I had a weird moment when typing it well spotted! Roflmao Hamels. 😂

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I looked at wood elves but they just get destroyed with the bash heavy meta and they are so expensive! I like the tree but I don't think he's viable starting. Saudis (why did my phone edit lizards to saudis... rofl ahh I bet I wrote saurus!) I've never tried as they don't appeal to me but I should give them a try. They are hard to stop scoring!

I do play dark elves and they are probably the team I am best with...

Finally never tries high elves. But again so expensive! Might give them a go though, they are so rare I never really see anyone playing them.

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So I know this is subjective but which team do you think is the best race? I don't have the experience to know this but dwarves seem to do consistently well and chaos dwarves are dwarves with 2 super players (the centaurs). So I would say these two are the strongest for me.

What do you guys think?

Ps for someone like me who loves skaven but would like a bit more survivability and the option to throw long, what would be the best race?

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I personally have to say my experience of quitting isnt from attrition. I would say the lions share of people quitting against me is because they lose a goal on their drive, or roll an annoying roll like double skulls or their star player falls over and KOs himself.

I have to say i dont think that changing the deaths etc would help this and i dont think that it would be fun anyway as it takes the danger and excitment from the game.

However there is nothing wrong with having a res league for people who dont want to have the damage to their characters, but from my limited experience i would say that conceeds are from when a player just doesnt want to play anymore because he knows (or in reality thinks) he is going to lose. If that be because he has lost the ball or a few players.

I think even in a game where you take massive amount of attrition the way the odds of the game are made its never the end of the world to destroy your team. You might get a death and a couple of stat reductions at worst in my limited experience.

Interesting to see that dwarf teams are the lowest quit rate, that says to me that dwarf players like dealing out the damage no matter what the result and their armour keeps them plugging away probably knowing they are not going to take too many losses! lol