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And the worst thing is they admitted they had to improve their communication... I remember them apologizing and swearing "Ok, we'll do better about our communication! We have a big com plan!" I'm done with Focus. That's why I didn't buy call of Cthullu even if I love that universe. But I'm really done. Don' rely on me to buy any other product from them.

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@rioku Dramaticaly true... It would have taught me buying Focus games.

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@roibr said in No, Chainsaw??:

@roibr said in No, Chainsaw??:

Just wait ;-P

Maybe not a Chainsword, but as Epic as an Chainsword and it has a Chain aswell

What were you thinking/talking about?

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Such a disrespect toward a community is consterning... Bravo devs and publisher!

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It starts to look like...

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Devs.... great new and thanks in advance... because...

  • The game needs content! (why the hell so much stuffs are f....g useless? Baneers, ornments, bayonets and I don't even speak about armor! We spend rewards in cosmetics!!! Even not in better armor! Please stop with cosmetics except helmets for assault. There are plenty of and more than the core of the game needs)
  • The game needs balance (stormbolter, tactical/chap)
  • The game needs fixes (people afk to earn xp, hosting system)
  • The game needs more variety in interractions (hacking turrets)
  • The game needs changes (change the current progression system and add randomly located items for F** sake! Why should I buy a 10% bonus while after next mission I'll be able to get the same stuff with 20% bonus? In the same time we go through empty corridors and rooms with NOTHING to find in ! Give us ancient pieces of weapons/weapons/armor/types of ammo to find out during missions only! The lore allows it!)

I can't believe in seeing such a waste of potential. Devs, if you finally don't know how to make your game great, ask the W40k fans! we'll give you ideas for free 🙂

I was with you from the start even after the realease of the first version. But now, 2 monthes after the EE release... All my mates are done with that game. Does it worth to keep the faith?

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The single banner bearer could be a good thing too. For exemple: a skill instead of rez for the tactical (who needs some kind of new features so he come back in the gamer's hearts).

Resurrection banner: May be too buff no?

Anyway, it seems the whole community WANTS new contents. The lore allows this. And the game too, since many features are still useless and since devs did a great job on the core of the game. Banners could be on the top of the list so the game reach another point toward Heaven.

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May be devs think if every player can use banners with AoE abilities it will kill the balance of the game....? You know what I mean: "if 4 players have heal banner... there might be no need to play Apo"

In such a case, althought Aoe abilities would help every termi in the area, banners classes could be linked to character classes...

  • Heal/boost of armor banners for apo
  • Protection against Psy banners for librarian
  • Improve duration of squad's skills and damages of librarian's spells banners for chap
  • Slow down ennemies/decoy for tactical
  • Boost damage/ boost % of critical in melee banners for assault
  • Boost damage on range/ boost rate of fire banners for support

The tactical termi beeing the only class able to get access to all classes of banners (and so, it would bring back the interest to play tactical. Everybody agrees to say "tactical class is useless because of chap...").

As Omegablackzero said, a 240s (or even 300s) cooldown would prevent the spam of banners.
We can also imagine that each termi has only one banner he can take back once no more useful (in order to be used again later in the mission) but which can be destroyed and then lost for the mission.

Finally, bonus given by banners should just be small bonus. Not big buffs.

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I specially agree with the point concerning the armors.

Honestly, my mates and I don't spend any renown in the only cosmetic stuffs (banners, baionets and armors). The cheapest armor just cosmetic, well... ok, why not. But 30000 renown for the same use as the free one......... hu. NO!

Dude, your idea about more upgrade slots regarding the price is just brillant! I'm totally with you! And if the devs would act as you propose, I'll be happy to fight for 30K renown and spend them in the Angels of vengeance armor.

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@streumon-f8 said in The Banners. A suggestion:

The banners have no other purpose than to look cool in their current state. However, AoE powers for them have been requested in the past and we keep that in mind.
Thank you for your feedback! đź‘Ť

Thanks for your answer Strumon.
Many hope that you add AoE abilities for banners in a future patch. I think it would deeply improve and widen the tactical aspect of the game.

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