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Have a good day guys im done with this forum.this thread i started to show mods and stuff,help people with modding question or editor stuff...

If i look through each page since the day i started this thread im damn sickened by the amount of bs and garbage ive had to deal with on here....if you come to my dev page and decide to pull above nonsense to anyone best part its my page so youl simply be banned. i dont put up with bs from anyone..i stay civilized and respectful to anyone who crosses my to have same in return and since this forum is a joke period and the amount of disrespectful people on here who troll through all the threads, im better than this crap, 41 years old with over 20+ years of game stuff under my belt and not wasting my time on this forum nor the disrespectful people that go with it anymore... ...anyone else who is respectful and would like help or chat on mudrunner stuff...hit me on my dev page as ill never be back to this mess of a forum...take it easy everyone

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@joridiculous ur response shows you have no respect for people...thanx for showing that to everyone else on here so take ur own words to heart and do same...go find another thread to disrespect people on ...i get tired of utter disrespect from people on this stuff when i simply post stuff to try helping others..

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@joridiculous im also not helping anyone further on anything editor wise...take it easy guys im done being disrespected on my own thread trying to help an ungrateful community...see ya

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@joridiculous errr being a smart #$% doesnt win favors with me so you know...kinda disrespectful too as you have no right looking at the height map in the editor itself since its not ur stuff to begin with..then post pics on my thread of it another slap in my remove the pics above if you want any further help from me period...i posted that to help people how to make the heightmap look

Really good way to burn it with some one and i dont take it as a joke damn disrespectful

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@Digital-X Auto contrast first then brightness up a bit so there isnt so much black on the height map...highest points should be bright white not to super bright but bright...youl have to experiement and find the best setting for ur perticular area...

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@Digital-X wow that is bad no detail at all to the terrain...okay you have to load it into ps and adjust the brightness and stock terrain party height maps wont work really well till you do certain things to them

In top tab youl see auto contrast use that first then adjust brightness up a bit...i always use the 2nd heightmap from left when you get the 5 in pack it downloads...that is best one

Resize it to 2k or 4k also in PS itl look alot nicer when rebuilt in editor

Some pics of my map progress after the masive fix i had to do to save it

alt text
The new river dirst stuff and mountain rock look

alt text

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Okay so been having an interesting issue in the editor pretty serious one deals with losing the entire height map itself ill explain below

I was using a 6k height map which is too big at first it was fine but after hours into the map it started having issues with sudden dx out of memory error then bam terrain is sunkin down to grid and flat...when exited and not saving checking height map showed it was all black and be flat...completly gone

I fixed it twice then got was due to height map texture being at 6k with file of of 72 i loaded the back up height map in to PS and upon checking it had couple of solid black spots...this will be completly missing terrain when in editor so i fixed it by hand very carefully with all white...

resized the height map at 4k load it back into editor and did tons of terrain work without rebuilding and no further issues...

Very very complicated fix i had to do to save the entire thing.....

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Pretty sure mods are same on both its the core engine itself that is different...but mod file structure is same as on pc

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And MATV of mine in pic is at 6k for texture sizes..Bet you guys on consoles like to have graphics like this...My HD OverHaul

Personally wish i had a xbox 1 or ps4 id so get into hacking something together for mods on console and you simply get the mod off a site put on thumb stick and download to ur console which will also have mod loader also designed for the console and tied to the game app that simply loads the mod in to the game files on the hdd in console and bingo you got mods on console unofficially

Start mudrunner on console bam ur vehicle is there in truck selection 😉