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A big streamer playing it or at latest when the game is going to release on console, there will be a massive boost for the PC version as well.

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Hey guys, how can I change my name in forum?

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0_1544472278572_Insurgency Sandstorm Screenshot 2018.12.10 -

0_1544472305954_Insurgency Sandstorm Screenshot 2018.12.10 -

Again two pictures of the open Map in Precinct. It's at D6. Got a video as well if you need.

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Is the removed map oil factory comming back tomorrow as well?

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What do you mean with adjustable? In my mind they are fine.

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Just wanna say thank you to you guys, the devs of Insurgency Sandstorm. Don't know if it the best place to post it but anyway.

I discovered the original Insurgency early this year and it was a mixture of awesome and horrible. For me as a veteran of Battlefield and Rainbow Six it was really hard to get into this hardcore shooter but a kill in Insurgency feels so much more rewarding than all the other shooters I've played so far.

I was hyped when i saw the first trailer of Sandstorm and the preorder was an obligation for me. In the first beta the performance was pretty bad but the game was playable and the potential was absolutely there. Since then you improved the game again and again and since your latest big update mid of september the game works pretty fine for me using my settings - even on my laptop when I'm not at home.

Your decision to push back the release date was a good one. I appreciated and sill appreciate that.

What I love about this game the most is the gunplay and - like the streamer goggenator already said - that a gun feels like a real gun. A powerful tool. That's what I'm really missing from all these shooters out there I'm playing.

Now I'm really looking forward to the engine update at the end of this month and all the other improvements and maps to come. I'll stay with you.

Best Regards and keep up the amazing work!