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I expressed an opinion that something needs to be done to make a resurrection Cabalvision leauge with spp and money gain. I expressed an opinion to add a skill to nullify claw. I have no stats to show, and I dont need any. This is my opinion, and I also think many wants the same as me.

And, then you have a random game "expert" (Blood bowl) with low skills in strategy games. I understand that since you don't come up with any achievements to show that you actually are worth discussing with. A random loser.

A internet-troll that starts to argue about my opinions. You are nothing! You are a little average bob. Stop pretending that watching Blood bowl stats makes you a big guy. You are not, wtf man!

And you just made up a sentence I did not write, wtf who are you??

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I have not played the game that long. Your comments just shows how low internet-trolls can go.

You are just a big mouth, nothing more. Show me now what you have done in gaming. I see nothing, and based of this I conclude that you are just an average bob. Average bobs should listen and not talk. That is my advice to you. When IQ is too low and mouth too big, you just shoot yourself in the foot.

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I would like your opinion on these questions:

  1. When does it benefit to not start the first half, and why? (even if you win roll, you let the other guy attack)
    Some races benefit from starting the first half? TV level/team development affect this?

  2. If you are "lucky" enough to decide who starts the first half. How much does this influence in % affect the outcome of the match when the players are about equal skilled? (Ex in chess having white pieces gives on average about 55% winrate) The % of influence on outcome is affected by what races meet? In this case, what is your estimate of the maximum % benefit that starting/not starting first half can give?

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When you come up with your list, I only see big mouth and alot of words?....

Well I can "share" some of them. In World of tanks (1 million weekly players EU/4? million players East-Europe) I achieved in 2012 the highest efficiency rating on EU server for high tier tanks 8-10, and the 2nd in the world at that time. I also leaded a group of 95 guys from 15 different countries, their average stats was top 3 in the world for a while. The clan had outstanding results in campaigns. I also have the highest winrate in random matches with one of the most popular tanks, T54, in 100+ matches. There are over 300000 T54s on EU server.

I have top 5 results in PvP game, Guild wars, in my country. Both as player and team leader.

Both this games are very strategic and tactical, and competitive.

Been top 5 in the game Tribal Wars in my country.

Undefeated in tournaments in the game Lost Worlds, top results in the board game Robo rally.

Been ranked number one on english, deutch and german websites in the game Carcassonne - The castle.

Been top 5 in my country in rank at

Done 95% of the achievements in Total war - Warhammer I. Including all factions on very hard or legendary level. Many achievements only achieved by 1-2% of the players. Just finished High elves at very hard level at Total war - Warhammer 2. I finished many games on the hardest settings, but I dont bother to list them all.

I have a healthy positive winrate in Blood bowl, but I want to try to develop my teams without them getting beat to pulp at Tv 1900+ ish. It's maybe hard for you to understand. Since you capacity is very low??? extremly low??? Now come with your list! Internet-Troll master chief. Let me see what you done, NOW!! or shut your noob mouth up!!! Learn to show masters respect!! or just shut up! I hate noobs, I just really hate them...

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Where can I see the overall wins-draws-losses for a coach in Blood bowl 2?

Number of conceds can be seen anywhere?

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@dragonloup said in Another day with Claw, sad...:

@dominico said in Another day with Claw, sad...:

Interesting to see that dwarf teams are the lowest quit rate, that says to me that dwarf players like dealing out the damage no matter what the result and their armour keeps them plugging away probably knowing they are not going to take too many losses! lol

I think your assessment is wrong. I would speculate otherwise. Due to the fact a lot of people "hate" playing versus dwarves for many reason ( at low tv they are considered overpowered, too many guards at mid range , game vs dwarves are boring.....everyone has a different reason) they end up getting the benefit of concessions. To support your statements you would need to check if the dwarves coaches are still staying on the game once they enter chaos territory at 1800+ . If they have a lower concession rate then fair enough you are right, but i would suspect once they face claw all over teams they will be like any other team in term of concession

Yes I think you are not far off with saying this.

Theory: I personally think there are key deciding people in Cynaide that enjoy to make claw/damage combo teams and just see guys suffer and concede vs them. They like to see rank 4 players get permanent injuries and stuff. A resurrection leauge with spp and money gain would take this "permanent" crippling feeling away from them and they therefore refuse to make a real Cabalvision resurrection leauge. Also I think most players that plays Blood bowl love random things, otherwise, why is not the most competitive tournaments without kick-off events?

I don't get that people don't support a Cabalvision leauge that we actually can play ALL teams up to at least TV 3000 with some fun remaining.

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Come with list now, show how good you are compared to me. I knew you would not dare. Undressed totally! Internet-trolls are all mouth, losers in life most of them.

Not so big in mouth now bro? Huh? Not so big now? Common bro, common!

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What the hell is this crap? Well you finally proved you are a internet-troll.

My education is probably higher than yours. I am a strategy master with outstanding results in many online strategy games.

Ok bud, lists your achievements in strategy games and I list mine. If yours are shit compared to me. We know who the shit is here. Common now bud, give list and I type mine.

Everybody with IQ higher than a rubberduck would understand what I am writing. But we all know the goal for internet-trolls. Well you got it. Now give me list and I give mine. I can even provide some screenshots and stuff, just to undress you totally for who you are. Will give me alot of pleasure.

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VoodoMike, we both know, not maybe, but know.... that if you play a team with alot of agi 4+ guys, you don't need alot of players to make a goal. If you have a bunch of dwarfs with agi 3 and no dodge, and only 4-5 left on pitch, you can usually only wait until more gets removed from the pitch and you can't do s.....

A player with agi 4+ team would most likely play on even if high losses since he know he actually can score and maybe win or draw. You don't need stats to understand that a resurrection mode would make alot more players with agi 4+ teams to go on and fight, even if taking losses. Only a person of low IQ don't understand this? You got low IQ bro?? tell me? God I hate internet-Trolls!

You grind a team and they get skilled and you can do new combos and you feel really fun to make this custom team, THEN, when your team hit a certain TV, your team gets beat to pulp and you can't develop the team like you want. And this is really really sad. Oh common with your more, we need to see more stats to understand many people feel this way. You see it yourself, "I like to stick to lower TVs" comments. We know why, the game and lack of interest to make a real Cabalvision ressurrection league is the problem.

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This is not a new discussion. First of all, most don't like to lose games. The aversion to lose is really really strong in the general public. One of the reasons many avoid competitions in any form... the internet lowered this aversion abit since you can play with a nickname, and the loss/concede/etc are not that "linked" to your identity. Losing 4 players in the 4 first turns, of course, often will RUB the loss dismay really bad. People really don't like to see that they are losing for next 30 more min or more remaining, so they conceds if they can. However if they play a agi 4 team and are not afraid of deaths and permanent injuries (resurrection mode) many want to play on and make those cool goals everybody knows a agi 4+ team can make.

Why you need numbers/stats? When a player has used his apo, or serveral deaths/permanent injuries have been taken... the concedes rate increase. When I met a team with 4 guys with claws, and I have a TV 1710 team... There should at least be a skill you can take that nullifes claws! Many players like to grind their guys and don't like to lose them. Not very strange. Again, it's very sad I can't play my team longer than TV 1900 something without really big fear of losing my team, and losing on top of that!

The "official" Cabalvisions leauges are the ones with most players. I really think they should also have an ongoing resurrection leauge. Makes sense!


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Of course, when I know my team will not take permanent damage/injuries, then I don't need to concede but play the match to end. And then see if I can outsmart the doomstack and win. Current state with the "non-tournament" Cabalvision... most people stop playing their team when they face the doomstack teams, or make one themselves. I think this is a big problem for Blood bowl, and having one or two resurrection modes would make the game more fun to grind your team up. But as I said, most important is to have a official Cabalvision resurrection leauge (with spp and money gain), but add aging. Common Cyanide??

Master dode74: "People might concede less"?? Of course it will go down alot...

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I lost 1-2 in the final turn. Maybe just plain luck I hold out so long. What could I do with 4 players left on the field?

Well he had 4 chaos dwarfs with claws, at least one of them strength 4 of course. And his TV was under 2000, so he could reek up lower TV teams bad. Like you said he probably kept deleting players to get the killer team he wanted and keeping TV down.

What you say is true. For online play in the non-tournament official Cabalvision leauge you have guys which just build up doom teams with claw damage combos and every time they search for a match they wait like sharks for a lonely fish to come by. Basicly it takes the fun away from non killer doom teams to play many games. And the worst thing is claws skill, it's the main "problem".

I wish Cyanide could do something about this problem... That's why I strongly fight for a OFFICIAL Cabalvision leauge with real resurrection mode (you get to keep spp and money).

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I talked to a guy about the reduced fun to play at higher TVs (1900+ ish). He told me that when he faced a team with alot of claws, mighty blows and pile on he bought a magician and threw a fireball on the opponent, then conceded the match. So why does many, 95%??, don't want to play on high TV? It's abit sad really.

One guy said that with the killer combos it's like flipping a coin if your player gets wasted, and it's not very far off. With less players on the field of course for each loss you get a higher chance of touch downs vs you and a higher chance of not scoring. So damage really helps!

Yesterday I played with a TV 1700ish team and was matched vs a TV 1940ish team, mixed cabalvision leauge. The opponent had grinded his mix team with alot of dwarfs with claws, and some more stuff. Damage combos, he had taken some losses, but it was for a reason. Now he is ready to get the candy! To devestate other teams, see how enemys conceds in every 2nd game or so. Well he barley made 2-1 victory in the very last turn. But guess how many players I had left on the pitch? Two permanent injuries++

Is it the damage combo that is bad? Well for me I think it's claws that is the worst. Why have armor in the game when you can't play on higher TV? Armor is suddenly useless. Sad. Just sad. And now Cyanide destroyed the resurrection mode. But it did matter very little. Since there are no official Cabalvisions leauges with resurrection mode and/or no kick offs... I can't play what I want anyway, GG! I suggested on some forums that several things could be done with the claw skill, have it reduce armor by 1 but not below 7, or make a counter strenght skill, reinforced armor skill, so you at least could take a skill that nullified claws.

And... in a championship would it not be correct to play the championship without kick-off events? Since kick-off events just adds major random elements. Guess you shot yourself in the foot, opening the Pandoras box?, with that mode?...

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Patch: Game played in resurrection mode don't award SPP and gold anymore.

I agree that there should be this option for a leauge, but there should be both. A resurrection mode that also award SPP and gold. So two resurrection modes.

The official championships should run without kick off events, kick off events just add randomness and reduce the effect of player skill. I understand you asked comments like this by adding this option... it was good you added it, but now implement it in the championships...

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@JohnnyFeyev said in Resurrection mode:

@VoodooMike This is all supposition, but I'm assuming anyone that wants a continuous resurrection league would also not want aging. But either way, I highly doubt they'll ever have an "official" league as suggested. They're already worried somewhat by splitting the fan base between CCL and Open, I doubt they'll split it even more with every conceivable idea people come up with.

Why do I want a "official" leauge with no kick off events and resurrection mode (but with spp gain and money)??:

  1. I want to reduce the random luck element in the game - So no kick off events!
  2. I want to enjoy playing games and levelling my players without the constant risk of a well grinded and loved! hero dies (and can't be resurrected) in a random block vs a random skeleton with no skills or similar. I want to enjoy having a team with alot of skills and combos fully developed.

Yes I think aging should be on... but not 100% sure.

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@Netheos said in Bugs in Blood Bowl 2: Legendary:

Hi, thanks for your report.

  1. You need to select the kicker manually, the game doesn't kick with the kick skill player by default.

  2. That's a shame. In which league/competition and with which teams? We can't investigate without any details.

  3. Was it in multiplayer? Did you used the pause before the issue?

  4. It should be fixed with the upcoming update, early October.

Q to 1: I guess have to click the player so his card is showing before I click ready to start the turn?

A to 2: The Anarchy Ladder IX, I played with a mix team. Dark elves with 2 assassins and stuff (seems the servers crashed?). Name of my team on one of the crashes: "Dark Hearts Leauge" (well I was losing and had injuries... so the crash helped me since nothing in the battle got recorded... πŸ˜‰

A to 3: Yes in multiplayer, played in the Anachy Ladder IX. I happens with different teams. Usually have to hit ESC or other button to get "released" from the close up look of a player that was involved in an action. Does not happen alot, but random, mostly on throwing/catches it seems?? The screen does not "freeze", you see the player pretty close up and he is "moving in his normal stance". And the other player continues his moves while it happens...

And last... my main wish for a new Cabalvision Official leauge: Please Sir Netheos, can't we get a Cabalvision leauge with No kick off event and "real" resurrection mode (resurrection but you get spp and gold)... my greatest wish in this game! πŸ™‚

Also it would be nice if the teams could be sorted by their TV value in the "team wheel", now they are sorted by creation date/time...

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Here is the list I have encountered of bugs/problems I had with BB2-Legendary for PC (played on Steam):

  1. The Kicker (with kick skill) don't kick the ball, even if I put him in the back and middle of playing field. He sometimes kick.... but not always...

  2. Two times the game/servers have crashed in the last half and the game did not get recorded (in the last 7 days)

  3. The game screen get stuck on a player after a move, catch or similar. And I have to hit ESC to get the normal view

  4. The settings for view of field goes back to BB2 by itself, I like to keep it at BB1 version of the view...

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"Resurrection mode

This mode nullifies a game’s casualties once it is over, meaning no more dead players, no more niggling injuries and none of your players missing the next game. All of your players will be available after each match. It also nullifies gold gain and experience points (SPP).
The resurrection mode can be activated in the Gameplay Options tab of the Competition settings when creating your competition. It cannot be activated once the competition has been created, and cannot be deactivated once the league is created as a resurrection league."

Comment: Eh, I thought the whole point of the resurrection mode is to be able to play Blood bowl and level your players and stadium without the risk of getting them injured or killed. Common, please change the resurrection mode or add a mode with the the changes??

My Blood bowl 2 dream is that Cyanide makes an "official" long lasting leauge with resurrection mode (but you get and keep spp and money) and no kick off events.

I see close to no leauges made with no kick off events... well why? I guess we all know that answer... "random luck junkies alert"...