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Seeing this many systems on a ship(any ship, any faction) crippled yet have an HP bar 75%+ full bothers the shit out of me.

I think the rules for critting systems should be somehow tied into a modifier based on how much health the ship currently has as well.

Having your decks blown away or engines, etc etc in the first 10 seconds of combat without your ship barely being scratched is just...ludicrous.

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Never had my shift bug out but my Shadow's torpedo skills bugged out every game I was in.

Feels good.

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This is a bit of an old thread but I do wonder why people hate the idea so much of seeing a faction pick before picking fleets?

I mean...even in TT you generally know what your opponent is playing faction wise before you start the games. Depending on how many models you had would obviously limit you to if you could even make a specialized list to deal with it or not but its not like it was top secret knowledge on what the faction was going to be.

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Adding it to a stance would be great honestly. Brace for Impact can just give a 25% reduced crew damage or something on top of what it does already. I don't think it would break the game and people would actually get to use their ships for more than 10 seconds against a full boarding ship list.

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Necrons needs to be immune to Morale, especially for their ship costs and relative DPS output.

Should definitely add a perk that greatly reduces Inertialess Drive CD for all line ships to at least give an option for more mobility.

Increase base crew numbers or toughness of the crew for Necrons. Too few ships to be getting hulked that fast.

As for ship layouts/ship model designs you can blame GW for. Necrons did not have that fleshed out of a faction before BFG died on TT. Tindalos is working with what they have available.

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I have a feeling these numbers are just from all games in all modes.

I refuse to believe the winrate is this high on some of these factions in 2v2 games. AM is hot trash in 2v2, maybe they do ok in 1v1 though which if that's the case that's skewing the numbers.

Same for Necrons, SM's etc etc.

I'm confused on the leaderboards as well, are they just pooling any and all ranked games into one leaderboard? 1v1 and 2v2 should have their own Leaderboards.

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Just because they don't kill as fast as they used to doesn't mean they don't work anymore. Chaos is fine, I would put them near the bottom of the list of any factions that need work right now.

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I've been trying Corsairs to see how awful they truly are and since my only options in 2v2 are go big or go home with the Voidstalker or do something smaller I tried a fleet of 3 Shadows with the intent of trying to flank/get behind the enemy and do diving torp runs and jet out(something Craftworld do even better but hey, what can I do?).

Every game with them so far I have only been able to fire them one time and then the button is forever greyed out. I show 2/3 charges left, no damaged systems and no CD countdown running. They are just unusable.

I've been taking the Vibro torps perk to try it out and I've also started in reload stance(not sure if that effects the torpedo CD but my assumption would be that it would). These may be factors?

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Speaking of Necrons in this thread, has anyone figured out how to realign the ship after using their jump? It says on the tooltip "moves your ship and realign it" but it's definitely not like MWJ where you get to have a ghost of your ship and position it before it fires off.

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I don't know how people have these lists, I was in the first beta, had saved lists and nothing survived for me. I even lost my ranks and levels this time around.