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@iyagovos it did. My cloud save was from right before fighting the werewolf in the sewer so wherever the glitch came from it had to be at some point in the game after that.

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@iyagovos thanks for clarifying. I’d send my save file but I already overwrote it by loading a cloud save from a mission prior.

I hope for everyone else’s sake that a fix is found. The game gets really good after this mission!

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I am happy to report I fixed it on mine. I realized I had a save file in the PS4 cloud from before you fight the werewolf in the sewer. I reloaded it and overwrote my save file with the glitch and replayed it to the point of the glitch. This time Dorothy was visible and the quest progressed as it should. Phew! I suggest any PS4 players having this problem check their online save files and try using them if they have one.

A little backtracking is better than replaying from the start!

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Exact same problem on PS4 here. Dorothy doesn't appear although I can hear her talking to Darius, then I can't progress. At first I couldn't talk to any of the WC people (both before and after knocking on the door and talking to Darius. Reloaded my save game and now I can talk to people but Darius is in the room by the door and the objective won't update.

I'd like to share my save game but can't figure out how. Tried to go to WeTransfer on the PS4 browser and it said the feature wouldn't work or something like that. How do you copy your save file to WeTransfer?

Really hoping there's a fix for this. I don't want to have to start over from the beginning to get back to where I was, especially if there's a chance this will happen again when I get there. 😞