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I play like 2 games a week, join -> both games all my fleet turns to hulks in a few seconds ->stop playing for the week.

I am not sure what I am supposed to ''learn'', I can take same factions and play the same broken cheese and win all the time, wheres the fun? In Beta2 I won all the games I played on Drukhari like that, then realized it's broken AF, other players couldn't counter at all.

If the only way to play is to kite all the time to survive then why play anything other than white space elves eh...

'salt' you say, all I want it not to play vs boarding plebs every game.

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Kindly disable this thing until fixed, too many plebs abusing boarding the game is not enjoyable when 1 LC and a battleship can fully ''hulk'' a fleet of 3x cruisers and 2x battleships in 30 seconds without anyway to counter.

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@nemesor-xanxas said in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is out today!:

It seems you are content to continue ignoring the community about the Necrons. Either that or you didn’t post any patch notes for them because reason. This makes me rather miffed, but less so with the announcement of new ships and epic skirmish. Definitely steps in the right direction.

Wtb better necrons, fix to boarding dominance, and I like to use big battleships but they're kinda useless atm. Other than that seems like a lot of fixes have been done since beta2. Here is hoping more will keep coming.

PS: making tyranids more expensive might duct tape current issue but it breaks the lore, there should be tons of tyranids in a fleet but they shouldn't be strong. Mass vs quality.

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Remove hulking or increase troop numbers by 2 or more. Also allow counter boarding from ally ships as reinforcements..Before the hulking happens...

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@brohanbroski said in Well boys and girls, I'm out.:

@DrunkBaconGod Bad player detected. Though boarding certainly over performs now.

You call me bad for talking about crap AI, and agree with me about MP. I'm not sure how your logic works but an example in 2v2, take a 500cost battleship and see how many space marine hard-ons you will get 🙂

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@adm_janus said in Well boys and girls, I'm out.:

Making a performing AI in a tactical type of game is very, very hard. Think fighting the AI in total war or fighting against bots in world of warship.

It's a pity you don't enjoy the multiplayer because that is where the game shines.

WRONG, this games AI can't even path correctly without smahing its own escorts, and that's the least of the AI issues here.

And the multiplayer is only shining if you're a boarding pleb. All other builds are invalid atm.

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Allow us to counterboard BEFORE hulking out. Or make boarding purely crit effects like disabling gen/ engines etc. You know, anything but instant hulkin for little to no investment.

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@imptastic I rather they follow the blizzard of old (not current one), and delay the game as long as necessary until it's great and ready. Making a game to be played for years... Rather than some quick to release broken game that lasts a few weeks.

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@JD751 actually that screenshot might have been me playing against you... I was running 6 DE carriers for 2 days straight... Sorry about it, I stopped doing it boarding is too broken to play right now..

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So far I only lost the one game on Druhkari, and that was because I was testing full frontal. I stopped playing them now, it's kinda boring.

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