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Absolutely! This is probably one of the best things imaginable for player base retention and perhaps might even result in a substantial increase

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Yeah, any option for leagues to implement their own house rules would be brilliant. Chances are you are correct in that we won't see it in bb2 sadly

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I would be interested in seeing Zon Blitzers get av8 and the Catchers ma7 respectively with a 10k price increase on top of the thrower buff to make them scale more smoothly into higher tv while raising their reroll cost by 10k to try and avoid min-maxing at the 1000-1300 range.

The Brettonian change is probably the most out there and while I do love the idea of av9 Knights giving Peasants Dirty player while cutting the price of their normal starting roster by 20k allowing them a 12 man bench with 4 dirty players and 8 players with blocking related skills is pretty outrageous. I would probably like to see the yeomen as they are the Knights as you describe and the Peasants either made identical to Thralls/Hobs or Changed to 5-3-2-6 no skills 30k.

I am not sold on breaking the 4 warriors 3 rerolls setup most of us use and would rather see a substantial cost increase on the Mino should loner on big guys be removed

The same argument as before, better to let people keep the rosters they know and love and raise the cost of the minotaur in accordance with its now Terrific presence on the field

While I like cutting blitzers and buffing the remaining positionals That Assasin is pretty over the top. You could give it an additional point in movement allowance and either block or dodge but making a positional identical to a blitzer, only with Stab and Shadowing for 20k is too much.

I honestly don't know what to think of such a massive buff to the Roller, nor do I know the scope of what impact it would have. Probably excessive but would be interesting to see it fielded on a competitive roster.

While this would give Pro Elves a lot more of a unique flair I feel 4 blodgesteppers early on is going to be too much for many teams to deal with. Raising their reroll cost by 10k as well might be enough to compensate but I am not sure

I would love to see those lunatics buffed. I agree on everything except my distaste of the Ooligan as a positional.

Again Stunties beating people up is hilarious so the more Treemen the merrier. Might want to raise their cost by 10k though.

I would be more tempted to see High Elves given the Pro Elf treatment but this would be just fine to see implemented.

I would probably Up the Human Ogres cost in line with the Ogre Ogre or even slightly Higher. Suddenly removing loner on big guys while something I would love to see does affect the overall balance of the game massively. The Blitzer change would allow human teams to keep their old rosters even with a more expensive Ogre so I am all for it.

I am in love with the Khemri changes but this has to warrant a 20k cost increase on the Tomb Guardians at least.

Removing Diving Catch for Dodge on the Catchers would give them a nice buff early on that they really need. Not sure if the Blitzer cost reduction can be Justified and while the Tame bear without Loner Should well cost around 160k, I wouldn't give it Dirty Player 😉

Lizards can be kept as is just increase the cost of the Kroxigor to at least 160k if not more should it lose loner.

More options for their starting lineup is nice. neat little buff to Necro seeing as they don't get going immediately.

As with all the other Big Guys, the Yheety would have to see a substantial cost increase. Otherwise, I am all for making the thrower actually relevant.

Nurgle could Certainly do with the Wriggle room early on, way more so than Necro. Same as before removing loner on the Beast warrants a substantial cost increase.

I would Probably keep the Ogre Ogres at 140k while making the Human Ogre 150k cost reduction in rerolls and raising the cap on Ogres from 0-6 to 0-8 would be neat and put them in line with the other buffed Stunties though.

An Orc Thrower is definitely 60k in terms of value so no complaints there. Troll would have to have its cost raised though.

A substantial cost Increase to the Rogre is probably warranted to prevent every roster imaginable fielding one.

Undead dont warrant any changes i agree.

Warpstone Troll from 110k to 130-140k is definitely warranted. The reroll cost reduction would be nice to compensate for that.

This is an immense buff, I am unsure where Vamps would settle at but this might be too much. Raising Vampire ma and making them cost 10k extra while keeping the thralls as is is probalby safer. The reroll cost reduction by 20k is really nice though seeing as it allows them a much needed bench early on.

Rerolls would have to cost more absolutely lest the world turn mad. You would also have to raise the cost of the Tree by either 20 or 30k.

All in all, I love the changes, for the most part, granted some things are quite out there

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Blatantly overambitious but I would give a "thumbs up" to the vast majority of the changes listed

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@darkson Thanks, bit of a shame that Vampires are the only exception to the rule regarding str4 agi4 being on the same team

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Warriors of Slaanesh 0-4 6-4-3-8 G M A - S P access 100k
Slaanesh Cultists 0-16 7-3-3-7 G M A - S P access 50k
Daemonettes 0-2 7-3-4-7 claw - dodge - regen G M A - S P access 120k
Not sure if this follows the right pricing formula or if their skill access is too onesided but I would love to get feedback for potential improvements to the roster

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Being able to set up league matches in the client would definitely be a boon. Not sure what purpose the current in-game chat fulfills