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When playing in Competitive Mode, there are times when the teams are completely unbalanced e.g. people of level 200+ matched against people of level 20

And i'm sorry to say but I don't believe that players who are level 200+ are not using aimbots and map hacks - these are widely available on multiple websites.

It would be good to have the option to block players who you suspect are using hacks so you don't get matched against them in future

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It takes 4 minutes of waiting for a competitive match to start

Then another 2 minutes watching the clock tick down to zero because somebody hasn't readied up

Then i get a message that someone left the game so i can leave in 120 seconds.... so i sit there watching the clock tick down....

Then i i leave the game because its clearly not starting and i've wasted about 6 minutes now... then i get a message saying "you can't play now for 30 minutes because you left the match"


Why haven't you sorted out the lobbying up mechanics? They are the worst ever. I can hardly play this game now because it takes so long to find a competitive match. Will you be offering refunds because of this unplayable game mechanic?

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In Competitive mode, once you enter the server, sometimes you can be stuck waiting for players (maybe 8/10 or 9/10 players are ready but still waiting for the last 1 or 2) until the timer eventually runs down to zero and the match ends.. this is frustrating - is there a way to improve this so that we are not stuck waiting ?

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