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I want to be cautiously optimistic

i really do

for all my bitterness i dont hate the first game, just the way it was treated

i genuinely hope that the devs did learn from the mistakes made in the first game

that it is better than the first one

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Hopefully they dont put in that garbage "progression" renown nonsense that should have stayed inside single player

too many new players that tried to join later were kneecapped by that on top of being forced to fight level 10 admiral players

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@beernchips said in Battlefleet Gothic 2 released 2018!:

If I sum up :
6 months of patches, nothing for 1 year but "something is coming"
BFG 2 --> aka new game to buy and BFG 1 is dead
I am the only one to think it is a bit too much like "we realease game to get max money but don t care that much about keeping a game alive"
Will it be the same for BFG 2?
Also, I hope it will not "just" be bigger battles / all factions / in line with new lore bit nothing really changed in the game mechanic....

maybe i reek of "entitlement"

but i want to know if those of use whom bought the first game and supported the devs during the first game

will get something in the second game

Atleast in total warhammer if you buy game 1 you can play all the first game factions in game 2

here if you get game 2 you get everything and its "bigger and better", as it is why even ever buy or even own game 1 now

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I worry for the future of the game

out side of imps and chaos the other 4 factions all had various balance issues

and it was these very same blance issues like eldar death beams and ork Zzzap cancer that cuased the player base to crash

now its not 6 but 12 factions, granted some factions are "reskins"/or rehashes

Will the old factions get touch ups to bring them all in line? can the devs balance properly this time around? will they listen to feed back this time and act in a timely manner and not wait months on end?

If not BFGA2 will "die" and become become the a ~100 player abandoned graveyard like the first game

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