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And not to mention you would think with it being an American based map that this would have been the first place that y'all would have f****** released it at no that's released it for the f****** Brits

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You know I don't really understand how y'all go about this or where y'all learn this from but the general release of a game should go to all consoles at the same time okay you start showing favoritism for consoles like Microsoft / Sony then you going to start losing people including me so get off your f****** ass and get the f****** game out

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Do you know what time it would drop Central Mountain Time

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@stazco the pickup frame in the pictures they have the attached bed cap which is a cosmetic attachment for the truck

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Is the new DLC going to be free? also are y'all looking into implementing to where we can see each other's headlights on online multiplayer? And just some consumer feedback y'all should make it to where one's persons ruts affects all others in the lobby.

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