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Ah thanks man! Thought it may just be something like that 👍🏻

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I’m on Xbox myself, it’s on console specifically that I found users relying on strong aim assist.
It being in the game doesn’t mean it is “perfect” or “as intended”, games get adjusted after release. Players often use a game or features of a game very differently to what developers may intend. I started this topic because I feel it is unfair if some players are actually aiming at you and others are just snapping to your head via aim assist... it should be objectively difficult to argue that it is fair or balanced. What exactly are you fighting to keep in the game? The ability for you (personally) to cheat and lock onto other players instead of using skill and aiming for yourself?

Your posts look like trolling when you demand that ‘it is fine because it is fine for you’, you can expect to be taken in such a way when making such statements. Try to see it from others perspectives and don’t be too quick to assume what others want, mean or are asking for. It IS a forum... and as such there is no need for defensiveness and antagonistic approaches to conversation. It doesn’t help at all.

I’m sorry but your last paragraph didn’t make any sense, perhaps typos or errors?

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Hey @tl_gamer
I get where you’re coming from, I don’t see working hard at a game (or for a long period of time) as on par with cheating though. Rank in this game basically indicates familiarity and possible muscle memory. Cheaters, however, are only succeeding through exploiting the game, it’s completely different.
Whilst getting frustrated when beaten by a cheater is justified (they aren’t playing within the rules/confines) frustration when beaten by better players is misdirected anger. Being angry at someone more skilled is really anger at yourself for not being that good (yet! You can always gain skill and experience). And trust me, I say this knowing that I am very good at hard games and completely trash at others 😊 (I’ve had toxic comments whilst gaming for being awesome and for being a noob).

Personally I think better matchmaking would help this issue greatly (the git gud issue you mention).

My experience with the matchmaking:
I got into WWZ on day one and have consistently been of a much higher rank in matches. Due to this I’m balanced as a 1v3-4 often or the rival team will be well balanced and I’ll be with only low ranks (less familiar/competent).

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Been wanting this myself 😊 pausing and photomode in offline solo is a great idea 👍🏻
We could take some insane shots of the zombie swarms!

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It appears that the revolver, which can be acquired in game, is not in the weapons menu or collections (I’m on Xbox).

Not sure if this was intentional or a bug. Thought I’d put it out there in case 😊👍🏻

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Wanting and not wanting aim assist is not the topic. It was never a battle of opinions here, the strong aim assist is being used by bad players to cheat (therefore simply not using it is a null point).

You say you have read the topic but speak as though you haven’t at all. Please either read and think on what has been said here or drop it and stop trying to troll or annoy others in the forum (if this is your intention, as it certainly appears to be).

It’s completely not necessary and devoid of any value or purpose.

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@xeonotrix yeah sounds good. I’ve noticed the turned zombies take about 3-5 hits/shots so they’re pretty sturdy but weak damage alone. They could also make zombie kills count since it’s not going to be an easy feat at all, particularly an unarmed zombie vs armed enemies. Getting a kill as a zombie could then be a cool achievement to earn.

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@mdjamie well I’m currently around level 80+ and all I see are level 1-10 players getting ridiculous kill streaks moving about like nutters toggling ADS. It’s putting exploiters on par with those who have put in the time and gained skill with the game.

Recently maxed the sniper class as a challenge since the aim assist doesn’t really help with it. Really fun! Highly suggest it.

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@vektor-noirsang totally agree, normal aim assist doesn’t feel like a cheat, strong most definitely does. Strong also can be used for unrealistic shots I.e. toggle ADS on/off near bushes and walls in the direction of an enemy (radar) and you’ll see it show a red reticle which allows a shot at someone you can’t actually see.