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I'm fairly certain that during the beta the extended mag of the glock PF940 cost two supply points as it made the gun more powerful with the 31 rounds vs the max 20 from other extended mags for the other pistols. That should come back to be honest.

And to answer your title question... I guess it exists as an option. A little more variety even. Something you can throw on next to your L85 (or whatever it's called in the game) and run as a "Brit operator" (which reminds me... we need more variety in security voices). If it wasn't in there, people would be raging about the lack of pistols in game to choose from. I would rather ask the question of WHY GOD WHY does the tariq exist in game... what a useless pistol that is. Looks like a reskin of the M9, assigned to the wrong team and does exactly what the makarov can do only the makarov does it slightly better (actually they're both nearly useless and need a buff).

Also, it'll never happen, but I REALLY wanna see pistols in general do more damage. Right now it's almost worth reloading your long gun every time simply because pistols are weak as fuuuu.

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The nerf is the fact that only (at least in co-op) two people can possibly use it at any time.

It's a beast, but it's not that hugely powerful. Just really good in the hands of those that know how to use them properly. Can't tell you how many times I've used shotguns in the game and managed to end up bottom of the scoreboard purely to forgetting to reload, missing shots and the huge pain in the butt it is to have to rack a new shot in that takes a bazillion seconds (at least it seems to when you're being swarmed).

Besides that, the only thing that makes it OP is flechette rounds that tear through armor and slugs that make shotguns a little more long range. I don't use slugs in co-op as they tend to be useless (or rather... not a tactical move) at short ranges.

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@captain-price said in This game has been broken for almost two months now.:

While I understand that the game has its issues, I feel that list of negatives isn't a good representation of the game. The game is in a functional and stable state to play enjoyably. The game will only continue to get better with time and continued updates.

While I do tend to agree with you, focusing on the flaws of the game has positive benefits anyway. If we don't point out the flaws, bugs and general negative things then how do devs know what to fix? It's understandable also that players get frustrated when there appears to be little-to-no communication from devs, community managers and such. I get it, devs are busy... but it's nice to know exactly what they're busy doing... besides "secret update things". Communication goes a long way to developing a positive attitude and morale of the community...

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I can't speak for gamemodes outside of co-op but I'm pretty sure you already can save loadouts?


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... You could have lead with that as a constructive response, but instead you troll.

Good for you buddy. Now move along.

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Comparing damage coming from Insurgency 2 mate... not friggin CS.
Troll elsewhere.

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watch this clip and tell me what you think.

First clip I was near on center and somehow the shot didn't register. Second clip seems to be an armor hit or at the very least a shoulder shot, got the blood splatter but no kill.

Was it hit reg?

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Not sure if hitreg is messing with the stats of weapons and their stopping power, but I'd say it has a little bit to do with it.

To actually attempt getting kills on AI I need to spamfire the SVD and SKS just in case my first couple of shots don't register or TTK messes with me.

Comparing this to the first Insurgency, the TTK is a damn sight slower and it just doesn't feel good. Quicker TTK will help these weapons actually feel like death bringers, rather than pop guns.

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That was my figuring as well. At least it fixed my main issue...

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alt text

Anyone else getting this issue with the technical gun sight?