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I think most of the magazine sizes are the way they are for balancing purposes - you spend 1 supply point on the extended mags which give you a bit more ammo BUT the reload time is closer to that of standard mags, or you can dunk 3 points into a drum mag which gives you significantly moar dakka at the cost of slower reloads.

If theater editing becomes possible however I would be quite delighted to use realistic mag counts.

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I remember in the days of Ins Source, the devs said that the game isn't meant to be super ultra realistic, but rather a mix of fast paced arcade action with some milsim elements. A lot of these things you're asking for, barrel changes etc. are what other games like red orchestra 2 offer and would probably scare off more casual players, particularly if certain actions require lengthy key combos that would blur the difference between Sandstorm and Super Smash Bros. If Sandstorm were like other games there probably wouldn't be much point in buying this one.

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If you have drum mags for your gun but you scavenge ammo off similar guns, when you reload those magazines they give you the correct amount of ammo for their mag type (e.g. extended mags will never give more than 35 rounds etc.) but the reloading anim will still use that of the drum mag, resulting in the player holding an invisible drum when loading an ordinary box mag.

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If you try to pick up an M24, get ammo from a crate then try to reload it, it never actually reloads. If I recall correctly the shotguns used to have this bug but this has since been fixed, I haven't tried it for field-acquired Mosins however since I use the M24 over the Mosin.

This only seems to occur as Insurgents - if playing as Security, picking up a dead teammate's M24 can be reloaded as normal.

Seems like this occurs for bolt action guns belonging to the opposing team.

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This talk of more vehicles has got me thinking as to how long it'll be until someone releases a race map, a shame that you can't handbrake turn hehe

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I think the drum mag icons would look better using a pie chart/clock style representation of their ammo instead of the current vertical bar style.

Edit: Also can the RPG and M3 MAAWS not be put away when you try to use the voice menu while reloading those weapons?

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9x39mm isn't exactly a cartridge a bunch of ragtag militia would have easy access to...although I definitely wouldn't mind it showing up in a custom theater, I'm obsessed with the VSS ever since I got my hands on it in PUBG.

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It can happen with any gun, sometimes I've been killed thinking I could shoot my AKM but it's actually empty, the charging anim not playing out.

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20 FPS playable? Damn, I thought my standards were low. For me 40 is OK and 60 is perfect, but 30 is the bare minimum after playing a lot of Halo PC/Custom Edition which had 30 FPS unless you had vsync enabled.

My performance since the most recent update also dropped a bit, but I'm sure they're still working out the kinks, still got quite a way to go to December 12.

As much as I rage at bots blowing me up with well placed frags and laser guided molotovs it does mean I can no longer just camp a spot forever, and I feel that overall the new update is great. Nice being able to see models for magazine and muzzle attachments besides suppressors too.

My only...problem, for lack of a better term (it's really not a problem more than a wish) is that the flash hider and compensator models seem to be custom made - I was kind of hoping they went the PUBG route with attachments in that the models were based on real life attachments for the guns. Let's look at the SCAR-H for example. In PUBG, applying a flash hider to the SCAR-L gives it the 3 pronged flash hider of the SCAR-H, I thought it'd be pretty cool if in Sandstorm the same thing happened. Similarly the AKM could use a slant cut compensator that actually is made by Izhmash, while the AK74 could use the 6P20-020 compensator (google image search it, looks pretty cool). In fact, the FAL in the game already has a flash hider on its vanilla model but applying the flash hider attachment replaces it with a different one.

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Has anyone actually noticed a difference with just r.MSAA.CompositingSampleCount set? Because someone already mentioned that this does nothing since Sandstorm is apparently not configured to use MSAA.

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