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They said they are working on it.

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I've watch vids of this over the years and it's mods so was very happy to here it was coming to console.(ps4)

I enjoy drive and taking different roots on the map. Love the ground/mud physics and how the trucks get muddy n even cleaned by water too.

What I like to see changed is.

  1. Able to more camera while in cruise control.
  2. able to use a front winch on a tree while the back is towing another truck.
  3. add more gameplay than just logging
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I can easly load using the crane but can't using the loader on the k-50 I think it's called, the one with joint in middle.

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How are u meant to manually load logs it seems impossible.

I know theirs I crane to load the small logs but with med n long logs only option i see is using the loader truck.

But the just slide everywhere or knock into the bars on truck that carrages the logs and they just fall every where and can't be loaded

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Had some new gameplay/update ideas I like to share.

  1. a winter setting for this decemember. Have it snowing, ground with snow on, water that is frozen. Snow settle on trees plus have some snowman placed around map.

  2. continuing from first a dynamic weather system. Some weather can change throughtout game with rail, hail, snow, must and so on.

  3. more usage from wood. After delivering logs to mill it could make planks and firewood. Planks then could be delivered to say a building site and firewood to houses.

  4. more materials. Add a iron and stone quarry. Which could either delivery to construction site or another mill to make stone bricks, nails and iron gilders.

  5. random missions. You be giving a job over a radio ( which show rough area on map) which will inculding either repairing/fuelling a civ vehicle or tow to a garage. More jobs like pulling a car that's suck in mud out and delivery if firewood to a number of houses. (Would need more houses added too)

  6. more vehicle add ons. Ice, snow and chain tires to go with first idea. A 360degree spotlight that you control for thoses dark nights.

That's all I can think of for now. What's you guys think. Hope devs see this or if can be passed on.

A ps4 gamer here, so hope so e if not all could come to consoles

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