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One of my friends has a problem with rost connections only when playing a party.
solo and other plays are fine.

after loading when he press deploy it shows up.
how can we fix this?

he aleady sends steam profile and appdata log

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fx 3800
r9 280
adrenalin 19.1.1

it runs faster good

here are some bugs

  1. black or narrow scopes
    incidence : 3/10

alt text

alt text
it can be fixed
setting >pip or
pip > apply >normal

  1. transparent player

incidence : 1/10

alt text
when i respawn it turns visible or slowly turn it visble

  1. transparent hands

incidence : 4/10

alt text

i can't find way to fix this

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i have a same issue.

cpu :fx 8300
mem: 8gb ddr3
disk : hdd
gpu : radeon R9 380 (2gb)


video setting : auto

anti fxaa
text med
eff med
foil very high
shadow med
post pro high

all off and low
dismem on
foil inter on
ambi oc on
text 1.6gb
dyn shdo 1024x1024
cascade 1024x1024


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