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@admiralatlas said in Another Necron feedback thread but from player who actually plays them a lot.:

Yeah I've heard Necrons are having a really hard time. Them and AM really. I haven't played Necrons much but I can't really see a "good" victory condition for them. They can't really brawl like Orks/IN and they DEFINITELY can't kite like Eldar factions and their shooting doesn't really do it.

They could use some buffs and it looks like the roadmap is already considering that.

Necrons are not underpowered at this point. They could just use some more ship variety (which they're getting). I find Necrons quite easy and strong to play as but the game has quite a lot of matchups where one side is heavily favored and skill matters a little less. I pretty much never lose to Orks or Chaos as Necrons, but SM and Nids give me a hard time. Well played IN with ramming/torps also gives me trouble. They have 2 reliably strong builds that are well rounded. They don't need to kite like eldar factions - they want to get up close and personal (usually). Their weapons are fine imo - they never miss, have huge firing arcs, and a stance that allows shots to hit multiple ships. Also, my post above with point about 13500 range is wrong - that's just for lightning strike, not guns, I'd misread the tooltip.

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I don't find their range a problem usually. Teleport helps with this a little but I pretty much always pick the passive that increases range to 13500 since they have so few good passive upgrade options. Being able to choose orientation after teleport is really what they need most imo. They're my most played faction so far and have a really enjoyable playstyle considering they have such limited fleet options. I'm hesitant about the idea of changing mass recall just because they're somewhat hamstrung already by having to take pyramidal reconstruction every game so they really only get 1 skill choice. Next best is scarab swarm but this gets limited value since their best builds have so few ships. I feel like the 2 Cairn 1 LC build is insta lose vs a good SM LC spam, maybe that's 1 case where a Necron LC build might do well. I haven't played the beta build though so have to see how boarding changes affect this.

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Starpulse wave is fine right now. An unlimited use ability that deletes bombers/fighters and torps and damages ships in an AOE is pretty great. If you want more damage, there's a passive upgrade for that.

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I haven't had time to try the beta version but have been following the Steam thread on this topic. Hopefully the devs have been paying attention to the feedback as well. It seems like this plus infinite fighters is a bit much in the buffs department.

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Hey Tindalos,
Some feedback after about 70 hours of game time, mostly in MP.
Really enjoying your game, for the most part. To really realize the potential it has on the MP side, I'd suggest the following:

  • allow some kind of profile saving to go with your fleets - eg. portrait and admiral skills and passive upgrades. Just like fleets, they could be edited, but it would be nice to not have to select everything each match and also to not have the skills wiped blank each time I choose a different sub-faction
  • show more in-game stats. It's unusual for a MP game that I can't even see my win/loss ratio for various factions. Player stats and post game stats would be nice.
  • add replays and observer mode. People have already made this feedback and explained why. Should be self-explanatory as far as promoting both the game and player improvement.
  • improve the matchmaking. Or maybe explain how it works. If I am starting my first game as tyranids in MP, in bronze, I shouldn't be matched with people in the top 50 of the leaderboard. I don't think it matches according to your highest faction placement overall, but maybe I'm wrong. It should be based on the current level of the faction you're searching with so you have a little breathing room to learn the faction in MP.
    Thanks for reading!
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They should choose a middle ground imo. Allow some customization during the intro phase when you're positioning your ships. Maybe just the admiral skills and passive upgrades. Or maybe allow swapping a couple of ships/number of points. I think all kinds of balance problems will come up if you get to create everything once you know your opponent. Right now, blind picking means you do sometimes roll into a less than optimal match, but 5-10 minutes later you're in a new one where it favors you - it tends to balance out.

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@aram_thehead said in How to Make Necron Great Again:

Then Necrons have no way to deal with morale, which is another thing that everyone else can do and they can't.

Iron will is one of their core traits. Every ship has a 50% reduction in rate of morale loss. This is why they don't have (or have as much need for) a rally command. Plus Necrons have abilities and upgrades to increase morale loss of their opponent.

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@sn1percat Agreed, I find Necrons quite strong and fun to play. They really have no answer to well played nova cannon spam and to SM boarding cheese but otherwise, they're quite competitive. They have so much alpha strike/burst potential coupled with element of surprise plus they're super tanky.

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Merchant seems to be able to do carrier/air spam quite well with 24 squadrons in a maxed out 1v1 fleet. They seem a little one trick that way and don't have as much variety as Tau Protector but I've also played them far less than TP. Protector has a strong, long range, high crit chance focus going for them and more depth in ship variety. They have access to Kroot if you want to balance out the fleet with some CC meat shield and a good Fire Warrior passive to use if you go that way. The demiurge ships are surprisingly tanky and have lots of weapon variety, more skill shots.

Use Tau bonus escorts to keep up victory point capping pressure throughout the match and just more scouting map presence for your long guns. Their main weakness is to CC and loss of morale and so-so maneuverability so enemies that like to get in close can do well vs. them. Scouting, using things like stasis bomb, kiting and re-positioning early and just doing whatever you need to to keep the enemy at a distance is usually the plan.

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After lurking the forums the past couple weeks, I finally registered just to add a +1 to this thread for replays/obs mode. Really digging the MP so far in this game and with so few RTS/RTT options these days, I'd love to see this game get more attention and longevity for the MP player base.

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