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Windows 10 and LGS 5.10.
Everybody is up-to-date and working fine with every other sim game.

When I set up the controls through Steam Input, the wheel is not detected anymore in the game (only the controller). I ticked the "Xbox" and "genreric" controller boxes (seprately and together) in the global Big Picture menu ; then I activated the specific controller settings for the game ; and finally I switched to the "global setting" (both for the Xbox and generic controller). Nothing works.

I disabled all joysticks and even the D-pad in Steam Input. I had also done that with X360 Controller Emulator.

Maybe if I could unassign the throttle/brake control under the "wheel" tab in Mudrunner? It doesn't seem possible.

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I give up.

I reset the controls, tried with and without X360 Controller Emulator, but nothing works. When I accelerate (with the F710 controller), the wheels go straight, even if I keep steering with the G27. And when I lift off, the wheels turn all of a sudden (the way they should).

And it's exactly the same with an original Xbox One controller.

The fact that it works for you puzzles me. There is almost no in-game settings for the controllers, except the key binding for the wheel. What did I miss?

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You mean the menu in Big Picture? I do not use it, but I tried once for Spintires and it didn't change anything. But since it was the first time I was opening it, I may not have done things right.
I have a Xbox controller plugged in, but I don't switch it on when I'm using the wheel/F710.

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@lombra Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate!
So there is hope to make it work after all 😄 There must be something I didn't set up right. I'll take another look into the game to find out. I'll keep you updated if I find anything.

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I'm scratching my head... I'm feeling like the problem is on my side or maybe I'm doing something wrong. There are not many in-game settings to play with, so I don't know where to look. I'll try again.

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@lombra Thanks for the feedback! Is your controller listed along the G27 under the "wheel" tab in the control menu?

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@iyagovos I've been thinking about it and I need to ask: did the team try to operate the X1 controller and the wheel simultaneously? I mean: I'm sure both are detected, but can they accelerate with the controller and steer with the wheel at the same time?

I tried with a Xbox One controller and I get the same result.

When I connect the wheel and the controller (XInput mode), both are detected, but only the wheel is listed under the "wheel" tab in the control menu. If I set the controller to DirectInput mode, it appears in the "wheel" tab along with the wheel, but as I previously said, the DirectInput mode doesn't allow analogic response from the trigger.

It would be weird if all the the controllers worked except for the F710 and Xbox pad.

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@iyagovos 😢 I don't have any of those.
The F710 gamepad in Xinput mode usually works like a Xbox controller.

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@iyagovos Many thanks! !
In case they need to understand why I'm using such an unusual combo: the addition of the F710 gamepad on the G27 gives me hand-controlled throttle and brake through the analogic triggers (actuated by the shift pads behind the wheel). This is a prototype I engineered myself since I can't use my legs to press the pedals.
So enabling the use of a wheel and a gamepad simultaneously would open the game to gamers with physical limitations 🙂

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@iyagovos 😢 Noooooo ! I can't drive! How can I inform the developpers about this issue? The wheel/gamepad combo works fine with basically every other sim game I have (iRacing, Race 07, Raceroom, Eurotruck, Dirt 4 ...). So I know it's feasible. Thanks!

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@iyagovos Yes I set up the controls for both the pad and the wheel. They are detected and actually work fine, but not simultaneously. It looks like I have to choose one of them and the game switches back and forth every time I press a button on either device.

You also use a wheel/gamepad combo?

There must be something I forgot or didn't do right then.

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Hi there!

I undersatnd you can use a controller or a wheel. Besides, the game has multi-controller support for wheel/pedals/shifter. But how do you use a controller AND a wheel for driving?

Since I can't use pedals, I steer with a regular Logitech G27 wheel but I have hand-controlled throttle and brake through the triggers of a Logitech F710 gamepad.

The game detects both devices (the wheel and the controller), but I can't steer and accelerate at the same time. If I accelerate, the truck goes straight suddenly. And if I steer, it cuts the throttle.

I tried to un-assign the steering control from the controller (both in-game and through Big Picture), but it doesn't change anything since the wheel and the controller are completely separated in the game control menu.

It only works if I set the controler to DirectInput mode, but then I lose the analogic response of the triggers.

This hand-controlled wheel/controller combo works fine with Eurotruck Simulator 2, RaceRoom, Race 07, Dirt 4, iRacing and basically every other game.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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