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Talking about frustration have you guys played a DE that refuses to engage you?

They just go around capping points and evading you, depending on map layout there is nothing you can do about it.
If you split up you die, if you don't they outcap you and win. It's 20 minutes chasing them around hoping for mistakes.

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I think it will do the game a lot of good.
I'm having to record all my games to watch later and look for mistakes, its such an inconvenience.
Hydra have to record his games and ask for people to send him videos to do replay casts which would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Having replay casts of great matches, different builds/strategies is a geat way of keeping the multiplayer scene active, competitive and engaged

I'm not a dev, and I have nothing against single player, but replays seem to be such a small thing when compared with new campaigns.

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@cowgomoo That's the thing though, to get max torps, you're also going for max bays(or close) because the only ship with torps and no bays is the escort, so you're kind of forced to use the same playstyle as most Tau Protector fleets, but worse.

As for their guns, the advantage of broadsides is that you can hit with both sides at the same time with careful positioning, that means that most times you got to be real close, but then you lose cause your boarding is trash tier. That's the common theme with 90% of their ships, there is no solid game plan like other factions have, there is always a crippling weakness for everything "good" they have.
On top of that, Tau gun damage is awlful to begin with, so that's out the window as well.

Staying out of range is not a solid plan against anyone that want to get close to you because you're even slower than Protectors, which are already slow as hell.

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Am I missing something here or what?
What is the point of playing the merchant fleet? They look like worse Protectors in pretty much everything.

The #1 merchant player plays a list that can be played as Protectors, but better. He just handicaps himself for fun I guess.

I get it they have more HP, but what use is that when they're so vulnerable to boarding and morale damage, especially the battleships.

Look at the Tolku, it has to fire from broadside but has an adaptive deflector at the front, like really?
You pay for that yet you will get very little use out of it.
The torps come out the front so you either do a high energy turn before launching them or risk hitting your own ships with it while the missiles are arcing towards the target.

The Vash'ya cruiser does way less dps, yet is more expensive, has 5 LESS troops and has the same problems as the Tolku

The light cruisers would be good if they were not so god damn slow.

The builds are awkward when compared to the Protectors, for comparison:
The Custodian build has 12 bays, the 5x Protectors has 10.

To match that as the Merchant Fleet you need at least 3x Vash'ya BS, and have some change to spare, but you have NO MISSILES AT ALL, which you know... actually kill things.
If you go 4x Vash'ya BS, you get 16 bays and no missiles, so you damage comes over a long period of time through bombing runs and 30 dps worth of escorts, which is a crippling weakness for a faction so slow and vulnerable to boarding and morale damage.

Let's not forget they get no Tau warfare either, which is HUGE.

tldr; Design is all over the place, the only thing they specialize in is being bad.

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"Oh its orks, I'll just play this then." is only valid if there is only 1 ork fleet people use. Which is not the case at all.

You forget the part when:
"Oh it's melee torp Asuryiani, I'll just use this." Then the Asuryiani player bring something off meta and beats you with it.

Min-maxing does kill creativity, and its what is happening now, in high level play fleets are always the same. Almost all chaos fleets are 6x slaughters, Tau fleets are almost always carrier fleets, Eldar fleets are always melee torp cancer and so on. Giving the ability for the player to "counter" what is predominant makes people explore other options and playstyles

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I'll keep saying this:

That could be avoided if you could choose your fleet AFTER you see what faction your opponent is.
It promotes having multiple fleets and playstyles per faction to deal with different matchups.

Most factions have ways of dealing with pretty much anything, as long as you know what you are LIKELY to face when you see your opponent faction, be it in the way of skills/perks, or fleets.

When you see Corsair or Asuryiani now you KNOW its gonna be a melee torp cancer build, if you could actually bring a fleet to counter that you would stop seeing ONLY that

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This patch is a straight up buff to eldar, in specific DE.
Replacing DE Lock On with tracking sense is awkward because they actually use Reload instead

The crit reduction apply to all ships except LC, so all their ships are harder to crit, other Eldar have the holofields on top of that which is insane.

Disruption Bomb is 15 secs channel now, they don't even need to boost out of it.

They can make all kinds of changes to stances and other shit, it won't mean anything if they don't change holofields and/or torps damage/quantity

@BrohanBroski I was talking about eldar as a whole not just DE

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The competitive lists for Tau Potector are:
5x Protectors + 5x Castellans
or 1 Custodian 3x Protectors and escorts

As of now, everything else doesn't work well in higher leagues
I think the 5x Protector list much more versatile and has less weaknesses, the custodian has a lot of problems, cost and low mobility being the 2 biggest ones. The #1 Tau protector player uses the Custodian though, so its not all that bad.

Having a couple of escorts in silent running and cease fire in the front lines helps a lot in some matchups or certain map layouts(Castellans still fire missiles if you order them to)

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Yeah I didn't understand why buff that particular thing.
The perk already make you have a pretty good range, making it too big will just make people use less escorts cause they will be safer at range
I think it could apply to stealth identification range instead, because especially for Drukhari and Light Cruiser spam(which are 2 big problems right now), being stealth is way too safe and it requires an immense effort to keep them spotted for any meaningful amount of time, which also leads to your escorts being way out of position trying to get scans back to back

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As a side note, ram damage is also being increased in the patch, so... 🤣

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You would think there is something wrong when people don't even need to use their faction defining mechanic to win, pretty sure he right clicked you and went to make an omellete... You would lose even if you went in close to board or ram, which is sad.

The crit reduction for battleships will make Drukhari specially cancerous(even more) to play against
At high level drukhari is the least opressive of the 3 aeldari because no holofield, but after that change I can only imagine how retarded it will be.

If it turns out to be what I think, I'll just play the 6x slaughter counter fleet, but I suspect even that won't be enough.

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@lkhero At least in high level play, even if all those changes were made, the problem would still persist I think.
What makes good players come head on to melee range and unload torps with no counterplay at all is the holofields.
Bombs just delay the inevitable because they almost never connect against good players, most factions can't even capitalize from defensive bomb usage even if the eldars boost away from them because speed and holofields being so freaking good.

I'm #4 Tau protector and I get MURDERED by CWE and Corsairs, I would be fine if it was a hard counter kind of thing, I can live with that. But they also murder most fleets except from a very select few so it's not fine at all

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The 3 Eldar races are insanely strong at higher leagues, and underwhelming at lower leagues.
This is backed up by the win rate by faction table posted by the developers a few days ago.

I'm #4 Tau Protector and I'm HELPLESS against Corsairs and CWE, holofields just make them close to impossible to crit, all my ordnance just get kited and shot down, and this is a common theme for most factions.

Like @HollowInfinity said, the only real counter is very fast in your face fleets cause you negate most of his torp damage by being close and it also forces a lot of micro mistakes out of them
But if you can't catch them, you are as good as dead, its close to impossible to hit them with bombs, because their mobility let's them choose when and where to fight
Now in lower leagues I wouldn't be surprises if people get hit by bombs and nova cannons all the time, that doesn't make them instantly bad, its just people that can't play them properly

There were very few Chaos players in legend a few days ago, now that people are finding out the 6x slaughter build just murders eldar, look at how many there are
Orks also works all right against them cause of Traktor beam

I really think the problem lies in the holofield, its retarded good. Against most factions, this is what let's them get close, not get critted and torp you dead with no defense against it. There is no turret/fighter mechanic against them because torps are fired at melee range with no time to counter them at all

So no, they don't need a buff.
If anything they need a nerf.

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I've seen devs posting on steam forums, as well as here, but I've never seen any evidence they check the reddit sub, which I think has the most volume of discussions, suggestions and feedback hands down

I guess it can only help if they have more sources to draw feedback from.

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