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first, Please give chaos lances a buff, the current Macro heavy meta is entertaining but Chaos should be focused on lances not Macros.

thank you,

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Ok so I have settled on a repulsive and two carnages as the only viable chaos build. Lances are weak AF I saw three
repulsives kite all game and not kill one ship from my random chaos teammate. Macros are where the meta is that and boarding.

It's time to calculate DPS for all chaos ships.
The hades build is not viable as the lances do nothing...

Grand repulsive has mega heavy macros...two GCRs is not viable either bring only one.
Carnage has heavy macros but spams all over the place, I love seeing all the bullets fly.
Slaughter has a shorter effective range than carnage so carnage<slaughter.

Slaughter seems to have better accuracy?? Might be the shorter effective range?

Anything with lances is to be avoided as chaos ATM with the exception of the despoiler.

Let me know your thoughts warpies.

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For all my Chaos warpies (fresh out of the warp) - I have had great success with massing three Hades ships in 2v2 with colleagues and randoms. This was my response to the recent Lance Nerfs, the mass carriers(Nids,IN), and boarding meta that we are currently seeing. My response seems to have been successful as the lances on the Hades keep the ships at bay while the macro cannons are a good middle ground but imo leave much to be desired. Boarding is where you want to be at according to the meta so these ships are shining for chaos atm.

Against mass carriers use the "evasive" (the name eludes atm) stance and group your carriers together while kiting and capping.

Against cannonades such as imperial ships with macros you have several options but it is imperative to get their shields down and board. the more boarding damage you can do the better.

Against hit and run tactics, bait the enemy to close the gap with your lances then rush him at 3k, bombard with macros..T_T, board their ships.

there is nothing that the Hades at the moment cannot outrun or Outgun so have fun and hopefully the devs dont think this is imba.

Lances are nerfed. Lnaces are chaos bread and butter T_T.
Macros are second choice.
Mono boat Hades fleets.


Thank you,

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Hi all,

been lurking for a bit and i want to jump in and request this feature. SC2, company of heroes 2 and other RTSs have this feature.

The feature of replays and observer are crucial for the community to both learn from their mistakes and teach other players through their experience and the ability to playback or coach in real time. The benefit of which encourages community interaction and cohesion. which can create a business down the line for Tindalos interactive to expand on their games. Blizzard doesn't just create games it fosters and supports the communities around their games. stay a while and listen.. as the galaxy burns we will tell tales of massive ships.

if you guys need a business case of why it would be beneficial to have observer mode and replays i can come up with reasons for it or highly encourage my fellow admirals to do so.