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Hello can someone tell me why after upload to workshop it look that? Screenshot_45.png
And local it look correct ?

-- Forces Edit and added Info --

in this post we detailed that after some minutes of playing or realoading a game the textures resolution drop from 2k to 1k or lower and if you continue playing for longer the game will soon crash

  • DiffuseMultiplier="(R,G,B,A)" node from the editor being disabled
    many mod makers use this node to simulate a glass texture (wich in some instances works better than a actual glass .dds/.tga/.png texture)

the main fix to this is to use a 256x256 texture with the same rgb code and a a light alpha texture to (the Alpha amount 0 to 255 is related to the 0 to 100% opacity in photoshop)

Mod makers and users want to have this code back since many workshop mods have been affected by it