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As the title says walls and floors textures aren't loading for whatever reason. I don't know what caused it, it just happened after I was farming the 3rd episode boss for the boss's armor set.

I have tried starting a new episode and killing myself to get sent back, existing the hub and going back to it via the doors, quiting the game and closing the application but nothing worked. Note that everything else seem to function normally the objects and machines are OK. You can see all of this in a 5 minutes video.

I have a longer version of this that goes 15 minutes before the boss battle but there wasn't anything interesting to show off so I cut it off but it's there if it's needed.

I don't know if this is helpful but the game is saved in a 4TB external hard drive attached to a slim model PS4.

Youtube Video

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I know this won't be seen by many and I'll be the only one going back and forth around here for couple of days till I get any type of attraction but whatever, here goes nothing...

I've always had some things to point out about this game when it comes to simple quality of life changes. So here are some things that come to mind as of now. In bold is kinda of the tl;dr but I urge you all to read the whole thing.

1- Class (For gear) or Weapon Type ِarrangement. Why am I forced to remember the name or first letter of gear or weapon in order to have a glimpse of where it's general location is when I look for it in the menu whether when changing gear or at the gear assembly. Add weapon/gear type to help with this or even better mark things as favorite make them appear at the beginning whatever the order I have things arranged at. or both 🙂

2- Better defense system. Like no matter what or how much my defense is the damage reduction isn't that significant so it's not something a "pro" would waste so much time/implant slots/core power just to boost defense.

3- In addition to NG+ base scaling make it so NG cycles scale with CP level. Say enemy defense, damage, scrap drop etc... increase by *1.1 each NG+ cycle then add to it a CP scaling having a break point at 80 CP so if you're at NG+ with CP of 90 the difficulty spikes a little bit more than usual say each 10 CP over 80 break point (For NG+) increase the difficulty by 1.015 so being level 110 in NG+ makes the game *1.145 harder instead if *1.1. Of course each NG+ should have different break points. This will give those people that love the grind and will go crazy with the NG+ cycles an incentive to keep playing the game even after the NG cycles caps as even if the base increase would stop, the break point for CP would still take place and keep making the game harder till they reach max CP level.

4- Why Am I forced to cycle through all EXO-RIG or Jumpsuits appearances and why can't I enable/disable armor in the preview of the character in the menu? It's really frustrating to have to imagine how the rig and jumpsuit would look like in an armor so each time you have to quit the menu look at it and then change. My suggestion is when you're at the medbay you should be able to:
A- Enable or disable armor visually at the medbay
B- change armor and weapons at the medbay
C- Better menu'ing of both EXO-RIGs and jumpsuits where you have preview icons (Like for weapons and armor) instead of pressing one button a million times where you could press it 1 more time by mistake and you have to go through them all over again.

5- Reaching the scrap multiplier cap gives you a temporary random boost. Say you've preformed enough finish moves to get that 200% scrap increase now doing finishing moves wouldn't be time-effective. So add a 30~100% chance for a boost to proc (after preforming a finishing move and reaching the cap) giving you a random boost e.g. health, energy, stamina regen, damage, defense, drone charge, injectable replenishment etc...

I'll keep updating this post if I had better ideas or you can share yours and I'll be sure to have them in here. That is it for now. Thanks for reading!

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I agree with this. In Nioh there was a skill you can unlock to have hotswap skill that allows you to preform an attack when switching weapons timed well (the window to pull this off was quite forgiving it was impossible to mess up). I'd like something like that to be implemented into the game.

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While I agree with you to some extent but if you want to you can make things work later in the game. I'm talking NG++ I'm currently running a high energy build. I have different types of buffs I get when I have high energy. 5% (or 20% depending on how much energy I have) damage from the bloodied Cerberus Set,Heal over time 3/s using Plasmic Array v2 and v4, More Impact using Concussive Array v3, increase attack speed using Velocity Array v3, More defense using Ablative Array v2, stamina regen using Endurance Array v3. I also have 100% energy decay to keep my energy as high as possible for as long as possible. then you can add other things like Medi-Coltaic Max and/or Mechanized Counterweight v4 to increase survivability and damage.

Edit: bare in mind that I'm in NG++ and I have 28 implant slots so yeah...

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As you can see from the picture I've defeated the Carbon Cat (I have the trophy) which requires you to kill the first boss (Squad Cheif Helvig) in the first place who gives you the black box which, also, spawns an audio log at the medbay. For whatever reason my game crashed after defeating the Cheif as I just initiated the finishing move, however, after loading the game back I've had the black box and the boss was dead BUT I never got the trophy for defeating him 😱 even though I handed the Operator the black box and finished the DLC, still that audio log never showed up as well so now I'm gonna have to finish the game and redo the DLC and hope the game doesn't crash to get the two trophies I'm missing only. It sucks because I lost my old save and had to start a new game and play the base game one more time to play the DLC and now I have to redo it again. If there's any fixes to this that would be great!

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