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1: Boarding. Revert it back to BFG1 style boarding, get rid of the crew killing factor altogether. In the tabletop and in BFG1 boarding would be the surefire way of getting critical hits and quickly crippling opposing ships and likely dealing some extra damage along the way. Perhaps you can even keep the crew brackets after so much boarding the crew goes down to the yellow bracket and then down to red but can never reach hulk status, just take huge penalties on cooldowns and effectiveness. At the moment hulking a ship or an enemy fleet with dedicated boarding spam is so easy it actually does not take any skill whatsoever. You can run in with marines or Tyranids and just Instahulk the enemy fleet or you can casually point click delete with carrier fleets and boarding craft. For races with no massive drive for boarding or any boarding defense you may as well just throw the game when such forces show up. It also makes no sense for some boarding parties to slaughter their way through hundreds of thousands if not millions of crew, unless your probably Tyranids.

2: Morale. At the moment morale seems to be highly unstable, on the one hand I've seen fleets being decimated and having morale abilities thrown at them and they don't even remotely seem to loose morale, while I've also seen some ships just break morale in the opening engagement. It doesn't help that I've noticed several morale recovering abilities only seem to work half the time (Ancestral Terror, Rally, Inspiring Speech), sometimes not even doing anything. The whole option to execute as well seems to work sometimes, while other times the ships will just flee and there's nothing you can do to stop them. Again I would bring back BFG1 morale system, if a ship looses morale it will mutiny and attempt to warp out, you can execute and bam, done, the ship then looses a chunk of its effectiveness and takes a critical hit but can continue fighting.

3: Capture points. I've seen a lot of arguments for capture points stating how factions absolutely cannot kite and have to engage or loose in capture point mode, where in cruiser clash they can kite and never have to engage. Its strange I seem to be encountering far more kiting in capture mode than ever in cruiser clash even by Aeldari/Drukhari, chaos and even marine fleets, where they will quickly and overwhelmingly cap zones and then kite around, only engaging when using escort scouting screens. I would give perhaps a voting system when the game begins as to what type of game people want.

  1. Fleet listing. In BFG1 you got paired with your opponent or opponents and its revealed what faction your both playing, you both then built your fleets and took what abilities you wanted, trying to tailor them to the particular fight. In BFG2 this is non existent and purely and totally revolves around meta generic fleets or just hoping that your general take all deck is sufficient, then suddenly you get thrown to the wolves against a boarding heavy fleet and get hulked within 3 minutes of the game. I would bring this feature back from BFG1 and I believe it would really help.

5: Lobby kicking. When playing with a friend after every match it kicks them from the lobby, also deselects all your upgrades and fleet choice. This quite frankly needs to be fixed.