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The flash hider and compensator models almost always look comically large on every gun in the game (Security compensators are Surefire Procomps and are only slightly longer than the standard birdcage FH IRL) - and despite the intent of enlarging them to cover the default flash hiders, they still manage to clip through the overlain muzzle device.

Is it really a significant enough performance increase to have them look this way as opposed to mapping the default model separately and sizing the attachments accordingly? Because it looks like a lazy compromise.

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I agree. I spend increasingly less time playing games in general as I age, but I shouldn't have to grind for hours daily to rack up just enough points to put on a single cosmetic item...

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I find it strange that all the appearance options for Insurgents feature something bright and colorful, which make you stick out like a sore thumb in comparison to the primarily tan/brown environments. I get the need to have some visual disparity between each side, but it puts Insurgents at a significant disadvantage. Why not keep Security palettes tan and Insurgent palettes olive, like in Insurgency 2 - or at least something that doesn't make you look like a rainbow?