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TL;DR Add Bump stocks and hell fire triggers to enable full auto on semi auto weapons

No i'm not talking about AP ammo. Now that's out of the way im talking about possibly adding a 'bump stock'. Bump stocks are not related to the stock market but are instead a stock attachment to a semi-automatic firearm that uses recoil to make a gun fire full automatic. Essentially, bump stocks allow rapid fire by "throwing" the trigger against one's finger (as opposed to one's finger pulling on the trigger) thus allowing the firearm's recoil to actuate the trigger. Here is a gif for reference on the bump-ness. Bumpy bumpy []
this being an attachment would allow semi auto rifles, (such as the M16A4) to fire automaticaly.
But wait! thers more! If you buy the bump stock today we will throw in one hellfire trigger for free!
The hell fire trigger essentially does the same as the bump stock, but not as well. oh and it can also be installed into pistols.

Here are some wikipedia articles on the attachments.

Edit: Was going to make a seperate post on this but i dont really want to spam the fourm just because it doesnt fit this post. This caught my eye and might be cool
Its a shotgun speed loader.
Youtube Video

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@kean_1 said in Game play issue:

@action83 said in Game play issue:

I mostly shoot with AKM and 1911A1 in real life.

ahhhhhh..... NIce to see another 1911 owner / fan.

Meanwhile, in Australia, some nerfguns are banned, imagine all the foam based massacres that have been prevented by this!

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What graphics card do you have?

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I don't think you understand the setting properly, This is a client side change, I can set my rag-doll count to high and I will see body for longer, While someone else can set their setting to low and see rag-dolls for shorter periods of time, It doesn't effect how long your body stays for.

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oooo. Me likey, A simple change like this makes it more immersive, however, this game already uses up alot of Vram with texture streaming.

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Hey, I love playing commander, however there has been this one support I call in that just doesn't feel right. Chemical mortars. When Used correctly they can be really good, like on a building with an objective in it (Or if your an asshole like me, at the Security's spawn). But otherwise something just doesn't feel right about it. I feel like it should be changed and heres why:

The gas in game Looks to be mustard gas.
"mustard gas readily eliminates a chloride ion by intramolecular nucleophilic substitution to form a cyclic sulfonium ion. This very reactive intermediate tends to cause permanent alkylation of the guanine nucleotide in DNA strands, which prevents cellular division and generally leads directly to programmed cell death" Perhaps a slow, certain death after too much exposure?)
The actual effects of chemical mortars are generaly:
Shortness of breath (Perhaps harder to aim for a little while?)
Extreamly Large blisters (Im talking fucking huge like your fist size) inside the lungs and on the skin
Mustard gas causes pink eye, Then shortly after (Due to swelling of the eyelids) Causes blindness.
Miosis, when the pupil Dialates more than usual, may also occur. (This could be used as a change in the contrast or brigtness in game).

Jesus, you read all of that? Thanks, let me know what you think in the comments, any suggestions or additions would be cool.