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Over 25 coaches fought for Season 5, with the playoffs to lift the stunty cup happening imminently.

Come join the madness by signing up here:-

Stunty teams are:-

Lizards (without Sauri)
Underworld (without Skaven)

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Coach Steave won the RPS cup.


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In the very rare instances you get to no.4 with no split, I'd suggest TOTAL TD and then TOTAL CAS

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Anyone can play Wood Elves, or worse Chaos Dwarfs and win, week in week out. This league is not for them.

It's not for the min-maxxers, the rules lawyers or the square counters. This is for the Hardcore.

Was not Roze-El himself under 5 feet tall?

A stunty league is exactly that. The rules and league structure are all exactly the same, except all teams must be stunty.

Follow the link for sign ups.

The cannon stunty teams are:-

  1. Flings
  2. Ogres
  3. Gobbos
  4. Lizards (skinks & Krox allowed, Sauri not allowed)
  5. Underworld (Troll & gobbos only)

All inducements and stadium upgrades are allowed. All Star Players are allowed.

Mercenaries & skilled mercs are NOT allowed.

Ageing is on and the 1st stunty player to be forced to retire will win their coach 50 euros!

Please fill in your details below and be sure to join the discord channel here:-

This league is sponsored by RPS and therefore we have a homepage here:- but most organising will be done via Discord.

2 week match days, Euro timezone.

For the first competition we'll all be in it together in a Wissen format (or Swiss) league. We'll play 5 games initially.

Depending on how many teams there are for season 2 we might have a special champs division, or keep it in the same format

Deadline for signups 13th September with a start shortly afterwards (subject to cyanide)

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Where does the time go?

Well, we're recruiting for season 14, follow link for more info.

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Welcome to the friendliest* league for Bloodbowl 2! We're casual in the Football Hooligan sense!

Signup here to confirm your participation in Season 13.

It's essential to join our Discord channel for announcements, match reports and shenanigans, especially if you are a new coach.

Signups close on Sunday 16th July - look out for your ticket in game after this date. Please.

Quick Summary

  • Eurotime zone (we do have some Americas and Australian coaches but you must be able to play between 1900 - 2200 UTC regularly)

  • 10 Day match days

  • No race limits

  • Tiered leagues with a championship division, round robin format

  • Each division is 4 teams so seasons are roughly 1 month long.

More details and rules can be found on our forum:-

Check our current teams and coaches here:- (choose RPS from the dropdown)

*not on the pitch obv