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Not sure about chaos, there are 5 more chapters waiting for audience))

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Yep, Broodlord needs a buff. Both attack and defense instead of teleport.
Miasmic also needs a buff, ability to use toxic cloud anytime, for example.

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Dear Devs, look at Space Hulk 4th edition Mission Files DLC once more. You already have implemented Apothecary and Plasma cannon options. Just give Cyclone launcher to Termies and stop all complaints about overpowered Gens once and for all. Also there must be Point System for balanced multiplayer according to rosters.

For example:
Apothecary 3 points

SB and Powerfist 2 points
Ligthning claws 2 points
SB and Chainfist 3 points
Go further here and add Combimelta (+1 in ranged, limited range) 3 points (more cards)

Heavy flamer 6 points
Assault cannon 6 points
Plasma cannon 6 points
Go further here and replace SB with SB and Cyclone 7 points

Sergeant with SB and Sword 5 points
Sergeant with Thunderhammer and Shield 5 points
Go further here and add Sergeant with Ligthning claws 5 points (more cards)

Librarian can be permanent like base genestealer
Go further here and give him 1 more psy ability like in board game (grant 1SP for 1PP)

Point System can be applied to campaign too. Current campaign looks like a prototype, seriously.

Tyranid Maps are also welcome (4th environment set). GG

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