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Also the spirits that are dead, i wanted so badly to bring them back from the ether. (sorry emily i really cannot forgive myself for that)but no way of redemption but the dialogue says i could find a way to help them. This could have been a great chance to utilise if you have lot of occult knowledge. Also for elizabeth or gaining for help and information from spirits. mind reading and possession also fell short as its towards the end of the game as you have skills at your disposal to deal with each person.

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I thought the ending fell a bit short too. the conversation could have been a bit more i thought between mortimer and louise. the skills i so meticulously placed from the start could have been used to convinced mortimer to take a different path. i felt like the skills collected were for nought in the end.

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Hi I finished the game and wanted to say its been a great ride i really loved what you do with this. I think this game has by far done the most detailed research to the occult mysteries and religion as it gets the devs has done a great job. Apart from that the game looks amazing and the game mechanics are ambitious. Every nuance detail is amazing. thanks for making this game i loved it very much.

There are some things i would love to see improved in future developments as there are many assests in the game that are under utilised such as the skills list which in the end were limited to conversation and extra information of certain items. The island, its lore, architecture, mortimer ancestors(not giving spoilers) etc. Theres also some inconsistencies of the actions of louis according to situation. I believe this could have been a full title on its own instead of an episodic telltale type game as the mechanics are quite sound but their uses in the end are limited to the storyline.

There are other things to list but I wont do it here. but no doubt the game is very ambitious to include many aspect into a single game. I look forward to a follow up title.