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In BFGA1 every UI was fully themed into faction you play. It was designed with all the old-school sidebar design which was replaced by more minimalistic and easier to read UI in BFGA2.

While I may understand that color was changed from green to blue, I don't get the "laziness" behind UI designing for each faction.

Right now in BFGA2 we have only tiny corner borders which are themed into each faction, while buttons are still blue for everyone. Can these buttons be recolored to fit race please?

  • Dark Eldars - purple
  • Necrons - dark green
  • Tyranids - pink
  • Chaos - red/magenta
  • Tau - ocean blue (brighter than default, but not cyan so it's diff from eldar) or orange
  • Eldars - cyan
  • Orks - orange or brown

Maybe other colors, but you got the idea. Victory Points can stay blue, but the rest of whole Ui should be at least colored to match race you play atm.

Here is photoshoped ingame UI to reflect what I'm asking for:

alt text

alt text

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When disbanding ship, there's no description. It says "random text_mp_disband doesn't exist" (don't remember exact text)

Also when you cast inflitrating upgrade (vanguard fleet?) on enemy system in Tyranid campaign, there is buggy description for latest vanguard level (which calculates based player's renown level)

Also in Russian there are still bugs, such as:

  • wrong font (everywhere its Arial instead of some themed font)
  • / Play the / CAMPAIGN / two lines were translated as / Кампания / КАМПАНИЯ / (yes, basically same word repeated at two lines.
  • Some text is still english even when using russian language
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Also when disbanding ship from fleet, description is missing too

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Any news on hotfixes, patches? Do not act like your game is ideal and polished, and I'm not talking about coop.

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Any tips?

  • too much "banelings" exploding onto my ships with creating spore clouds that constantly slow and damage my ships

  • I always keep my warp-out versus Ancient scream otherwise all my ships are fucked, but thats not enough versus all the boarding spam

  • I warp-out Amarkun (when cooldown is ready) since losing him immediately ends the game

  • I'm trying to do with spam of Harvesters that have 240 speed and bunch of guns + immunity to asteroid and spore fields, still they board me to death

Seems Tindalos didn't even test their campaign.

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Probably upgrade with 25% more hp to escorts is calculated wrongly.

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No hotfixes, people reporting about difficulty bugs and fatal errors, some upgrades are bugged ( Did Tindalos even test their game internally? Did they playthrough their campaign on hard as all races?

Tindalos were horrible with Etherium, many problems were in BFGA1 and now we have BFGA2 with another bunch of bugs and unpolished stuff (I'm not saying about coop, but the rest of game).

Tindalos, you don't even make community update on weekly basis. Like "We managed to solve this, we're going to do this next week or next month". Lack of transparency makes me regret with not refunding game because I've played it already enough so Steam won't refund. But if situation won't change, I won't buy your next DLC / games.

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Necrons need halved teleport distance and triple-shorter cooldown.

It can be their way to escape boarding and nova spam.

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In the same sector at least one system must be controlled by enemy faction, then listening post will work.

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In one "mission" in campaign one of victory points was spawned inside asteroid field. AI just circles around it and not even trying to capture other points or spread units.

alt text