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I've noticed when firing on semi auto with most weapons it seems like the sound is using the full auto sound loop so it sounds like it's starting to fire another round. It's not just security weapons either. It's almost all weapons with select fire, and IMO most obvious with the G3. If you barely tap fire it will make the semi auto sound it should but if you hold fire just a tad longer it will start making the full auto sound.

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The grenade spam is definitely excessive, and it isn't only on objectives. Playing on Refinery I was going through an area surrounded by walls when a (way too well aimed) grenade came from over a wall, literally bounced off my face and exploded. This happened TWICE on the same match.

Bots are now psychotic when it comes to the vehicles. The technicals are like magnets for them now, far worse than before. Kind of going along with them not retreating, when you take an objective where one spawns, such as insurgent's A on hideout, the surviving bots b-line it to the .50 on the spawning vehicle and take out half of the respawning players. Half the time you have to blow up the technicals meant for your team just so the bots don't get it.

Normal firefights are alright, but the 180 degree aimbot deaths are far worse, especially in close quarters. Maybe I'm just slow, but I feel like they are way too fast to turn and shoot now.

Overall, I agree the bots are way too aggressive now.

On a side note, why can the demo class only carry 2 40mm rounds now? It almost makes the GL not worth it IMO.