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FIXED !!! (Workarounds)

"the problem is i reinstall the game (not workshop mods) and it runs smooth, it keeps running smooth all the way till all my mods redownloaded, once i restart the game the issue occurs"

So after reinstalling the game and unsubbed every workshop mods, it runs normally

Thanks to ShadowSINcere for the tips

And as MudHappy said Thanks Focus....!

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I can't play after the last update. Microstuttering, even in the menu...

My specs:
-i5 2500k OC
-1060 6gb windforce
-Win 8.1
-16gb RAM

Everything was fine before update.
I tried to restart steam, restart game, restart comp, verify game files, delete maps mods
I could try to reinstall the game, but my adsl is really bad, so if I can find another tips it would be cool.
I'm not running anything weird in background, only Discord and AV.

Thanks for your attention.

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Same problem sometimes, most of the time when scrolling and choosing trucks in MP lobby.

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We need 64 bits pls