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I'm doing a review for this game (not due until launch, of course). It's pretty cool so far, but I've been wondering about the history of the game. I don't mean the actual game development history, but rather the in-game story/lore.

I never played the original Spintires, but it appears MudRunner is pretty much set in the same era (Russia in 1980-90) and has the exact same objectives of delivering logs. I noticed that many of the trucks have a dark green/camo-style paint job. After doing some research, I found out that these are actually ex-military vehicles that belonged to the Soviet Red Army. I didn't know before that these vehicles have actually been repurposed for civilian use in real life. Neat!

So, is that's what's happening in Spintires? Is it just a regular logging company, basically? What really threw me off is that the driver in Mudrunner is wearing camo pants. I know camo is just a fashion statement for some, so it made me wonder if it's just a casual outfit or if he's supposed to be an ex-soldier perhaps.

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