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@Cetera said in The Epic Store Question.:

The reason developers are going with Epic is due to cost. Steam takes 30%+ of all sales through the Steam store. That's a lot of overhead the game developers have to overcome or compensate for. Epic is taking around 10%, so it is easy to get developers to try them out. This price point is part of why Bethesda created their own store/launcher/distribution for Fallout 76, instead of using Steam.

Steam is also turning out to be a bottleneck. Steam has ~90 million subscribers. Epic has more than 250 million off of one damn game. The number of eyeballs/impressions for developers is far, far greater than Steam, and at less than half the cost.

The Epic store is new, and the demographics of the Epic userbase may favor certain games, but expect to see a LOT more games launch on Epic and not Steam. And yes, expect to start having multiple game site accounts. Steam, Epic, GOG, Origin, etc.

It's alarming how much misinformation is in this post of yours.
Comparing active users to total users? Fortnite has 250m registered users, with under 9m active daily. Steam has over 1 billion users with a 90mil active daily.

Epic doesn't release numbers, so it's hard to tell what actually goes on with their deals, but we do know they offer lump sum payments in the millions for exclusive rights, and they do it through sales of the game--example, they will buy 300k copies of the game.

They revenue split is very misleading as well. While Steam takes 30% (this is also misleading as they have a variable scale based off sales, and it goes down to 20%) of sales through their site, Valve provides Steam activation keys free of charge and does not receive any share of the purchase price when a game is sold by third-party resellers.

Epic is wasting money trying to force exclusive deals to bring users in instead of investing that money in basic things like a community hub, or a shopping cart, or maybe cyber security as they seem to have a massive hack every couple months where every single users login information is compromised.