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@jensiii They need a shoulder option for building clearing for both rifle, shotgun and pistol, its how its taught and done. you wouldn't move through a building looking down your sights as that would block to much of your vision. But you move with your gun in battery looking over it. jk

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I am not a run and gun guy. I usually use large caliber guns at long range. It doesn't seem to matter weather I am using a ,30 caliber gun or smaller all shots take 3 to 4 shots in torso and some head shots take more than one and doorway confrontations never drop on the first torso hit and the dam bullet will be the size of a quarter after blowing through a vest and it will defeat most trauma plates at point blank range. If the .30 bullet did not defeat the trams plate the subject would be down out of the fight for some time, which is the reason for tagging subjects in fire fights or building clearing opps. Power penetration and range is the reason you pay the weight and recoil penalty of a large caliber rifle. JK

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I also have a problem with the damage. No mater the armor, any one hit on the torso will put a subject down. If it is a hit on the trauma plates front or rear the target is going down. if it is not stopped by a plate the targets vest will be penetrated by almost any rifle round. Light Smg and pistol rounds might not get through body armor but the victim will be down at least for a short time but not out. When someone is shot they should react and nonfatal hits would let the subject get back in the fight. when a bot or player gets hit they should react to the hit not stand there toe to toe and blasé away. John Kennedy retired weapons and tactics instructor.

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I have 2 problems

  1. I will never play as an insurgent and that should be a profile item. I will never intentionally fire on anyone who looks like an American trooper.

2.The lag in trigger response, I almost never win a gunfight with someone at point blank range even if I have fired directly into them at contact range. Another thing when bots are shot it takes 2-3 shots to put them down. I can understand that they might not be dead but that needs a little more realism

  1. Bots do not react when fired upon, they just return fire and never miss. I have been shot at it and your first reaction is cover. All in all this could be a massive improvement over insurgency but you have a long way to go to smooth things out right now. Still good game.

John Kennedy aka FALCOR

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