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Im debating buying mudrunner just because the mud and water physics, looks fun to drive around. But it feels like a demo for just that, heres a taste of what future game terrain will be like and thats it. I haul logs across farm sim maps and its fun, but after i cut down trees and load up my truck , furthermore i run those truck loads of lumber to get paid so i can buy a new mower or tractor or even a building to place somewhere to improve my town. sometimes im short on cash n i think to myself ' ugh gotta run some lumber to get paid ' , it gets to be a chore but its worth doing because i then have money to customize a truck or buy a better piece of equipment, mudrunner seems to be just running logs all day then on to the next map. So is there plans to eventually add a sandbox mode where i can develop the map, place buildings, do other jobs, customize vehicles ect ect? if so then i'll definitely purchase it and help fund it towards that, but if its just strictly mudrunner log hauler then im most likely just going to pass on this, not enough to pour my free time into. either way much respect to the developers, this game definitely gets me hyped for the future of gaming, the way mud and water reacts to vehicles is just incredible

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