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Some preview mentioned several skills (skill trees, perks?).

  • Speech for social interaction
  • Investigation for looking for clues.
  • Profession (Detective profession) for deduction, putting clues together.
  • Physical skills for... maybe intimidation or some physical actions (pull something heavy?).
    Can you confirm these skills? Is it just 4 or should we expect more skills?
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@fortune86 said in Exploration - suggestion(s) for something new and interesting:

I haven't touched the stealth tree in Technomancer because it isn't really needed and there are other ways to fight.

I said nothing about stealth tree in Techno. I mentioned about non-combat skills like mechanics, science etc. Its not in stealth tree.

I was under the impression that the climbing skill would give the player access to new areas,


In the case where someone doesn't invest in the proposed climbing skills, how would they access these areas?

If someone doesnt invest in climbing skill (perk) then he/she clearly doesnt want to explore these small areas. So no problem here. Its the same as ask "how could I use swords (proficiently) if I dont invest anything in sword/fencing skill tree?" It doesnt make sense. If player could just "bypass skills" in game mechanics then character development for the most part is useless. Player is responsible for his/her choice. So deal with it. If someone dont invest in climbing he/she is not interested so he/she shouldnt whine about it.

But as you suggested... there could be alternate solution for climbing if you have companion who is climbing expert. That could be ok.

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@fortune86 said in Exploration - suggestion(s) for something new and interesting:

I'm all for new and interesting places to discover and explore, but slightly concerned about needing to unlock skills to do so. I've only played a few games from Focus (just started The Technomancer), but so far they've all had limits to how many skill points you can earn. I don't want to be locked out of too much stuff because I went down the wrong skill path.

There is no wrong skill path. It depends on your preference. If you choose most wanted skills first or most needed ones how could you say it was wrong? If you choose that climbing is useless its your choice. I dont see problem here.

And its non-conbat skill and these skills (perks) are cheap in Spiders games. In Technomancer there were several skills like that, each one had only 3 tiers.

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According to devs world of Greedfall is inspired by Scotland, Iceland or Orkney and I hope they will use it for good effect (it would be fine to walk in some infamous moor etc). Few pictures:

Anyway I think that the location of big island gives opportunity for some fresh idea(s). So here is my suggestion:

1. Sea cliffs + Climbing + Caves on sea shores
Imagine cliffs on shores and below them, just between the sea and cliffs, is small zone of land that could be short or pretty long along the shore. Imagine there are places fo exploration like caves (including caves that are partially underwater) or small gorges or capes going into the sea. It would be nice to be able to explore these unique secluded places near the sea - maybe its not completely original, but I think its fresh experience and would use the location well and its doable.

See two pictures:

To make it more interesting you can use one non-combat skill for that and that is climbing. You need to invest some point(s) in it and have rope. Climbing itself will be just simple short animation and then your hero will stand below. Some places will be more risky (need more point in climbing), others pretty easy. If you have companion that is good climber he/she could boost your skill.

Climbing was done in RPGs few times, but usually just to get higher. Now you could use it for exploration of unique sea shores.

2. Caves that are flooded in floodtide
Some caves on shores can be explorable only in certain time when its low tide. And you shouldnt waste too much time inside. Becase when its floodtide water will rise and flood whole cave (and could eventually kill you).

Its probably too tricky to do with your budget so I dont expect anything like that. But its not bad idea if you think about something fresh for exploration. It would be great if you could make something close to idea 1 + climbing skill, at least partially.

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Hello to all. I have some questions about gameplay and equipment.

  • I assume that important aspect of gameplay will be to keep balance between your different forms. As Crinos you will be very powerfull but you wont be able to stay in that form for long. So you will also need to fight as basic and weak Homid using standard human weapons, armor, items etc. Am I right?
  • Still because of Garou features I assume there wont be really much loot in the game. (I have no problems with this approach. I prefer unique RPGs with unique worlds, not generic loot-heavy games).
  • Will there be stealth gameplay too? It also seems natural for me.. as you will need to pass security to get somewhere etc.
  • Do you plan some light puzzles or non-combat actions/skills for some challenges in spirit world? For example something like enviromental puzzles in recent Hellblade (looking for signs). I think it makes perfect sense for spirit world and it could be nice addition. And if there really wont be much loot you will be encouraged to explore environment because of these puzzles. It would also bring more variety into gameplay.
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@fortune86 said in Diplomacy Questions:

Lastly, do you still earn exp or suchlike for diplomacy over force? I imagine trying to do a pacifist run only to be under leveled for what fighting does take place would be something of a nightmare.

If you will do pacifist run you can take with you companions who are stronger fighters in case of some unavoidable fights.

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What about using messages for the conversations remotely (bird, holo-call, sending a servant with a letter etc) when the dialogue is not using animations and is a routine sidequest turn-in? Can it be handled from the campfire like having a paid messenger waiting there to deliver letters for the protagonist or a bird keeper?

Devs stated that campfires will be used for fast travel. So what's the point? Instead of talking to some messenger near campfire you can quickly travel back and talk to questgiver him/herself.
Pls keep in mind that they have far smaller budget than EA/Bioware or Square Enix and need to use it efficiently. Mainly on exploration, world building, quality of story and companions and improved combat (from Technomancer). I think there is room for something new in world building (I will write some ideas about it later).

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@mariecécile-jacq said in This animal?:

Unfortunately, we won't be able to give you more informations for now about animals and creatures in GreedFall. What I can say to you is that these lizards are common on the island.

Please tell your artists who created these lizards that they did great job. That design and movement... they look really awesome.

Its little like some prehistoric lizard:

Also those walking giants reminds of the end of this video.. those herds... (I hope its not a problem to post it here, its different genre) + watch?v=2QFffBFXz9Y

Anyway nice work.

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@domi said in Backtracking, Fast Travel, Quest Hand-in’s, Correspondence Question:

Cut down on backtracking required through the same areas with the same spawns (example: Act 2 multiple returns to Elize through the two sectors in Abundance)

I hope so. It was the biggest mistake of Technomancer together with respawns. A lot of players criticised it. Constant respawns look like you (player) dont achieve anything in game, everybody is there again, and when you backtrack often its extremely tedious to meet the same opponents again and again. It looks like filler content just to make the game longer. Pls dont copy some simplistic MMO design or whatever. I hope that Greedfall will finally correct these mistakes.

Or if you want to use some locations again it would be better to open new small area there. Some small side content to explore if you have to backtrack for whatever reason (budget).

Are there quick travel points around the bigger maps to avoid the excessive repeat maze walking

They said that campfires can be used for fast travel (like in Tomb Raider).

Do the quest autocomplete, or is the return to the same questgiver as mandatory as in Technomancer?

No. You have to return to quest giver as it should be. Some story element or next quest could be linked to this dialogue. Its story-driven game that tries to be immersive and realistic to some degree. Simplified autocomplete is bad idea suited for some simplified MMOs.

Is there alternative means of communication, such as sending a message with the bird, like in Tyranny for quest completions or to supplement the voiced dialogues?

We dont know. Probably not. But it doesnt mean there couldnt be a quest with some birds sending messages.

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@domi said in Dialogue Type/Choices:

In Technomancer there was a bit more options, but they were worded in the third person, like “compliment her appearance” “say she is brave” etc. Then Zachariah took it away with his dialogue lines.

You are right. I forgot. Anyway I would prefer longer abreviations or full text, but I think there wasnt problems with abreviation there. So I hope it wont be worse in Greedfall.

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