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@havox said in Some screenshot from Trailer and Gameplay form E3 2018:

Of course it could be all totally made up, although Spiders did say they were inspired by 17th century Europe. In fact, the whole thing minus the magic tree creature reminded me a little of this movie scene.

I doubt that colonial (invading) forces in this game will be depicted very simply as "the heroic ones" while naties will be "the primitive ones".

I think its more likely that natives in Greedfall were partially inspired by Aztecs.

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@humblehomid said in What we know so far of Werewolf the Apocalypse: Earthblood:


Though it sucks we're not going to be seeing any of it at E3, I'm pretty excited that their goal is for the first half of 2019 (Though I'm sure it's going to get delayed).

Yes, its going to be delayed. Otherwise they would have something to show behind closed doors.

@rawn said in What we know so far of Werewolf the Apocalypse: Earthblood:

Still amazed that the games journalists can't fact-check 'Crinos form'.

Its only a prove that there are very low standards for mainstream journalism (even outside of games, in politics etc). They like to boast about themselves as great professionals who verify everything. Its a lie (for a lot of them). One local gaming journalist said in public that its common standard that they (journalists) just copy each other. Maybe its not common for everybody but I think he told the truth.

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@ben-kenobi said in Correct respawns pls:

In Technomancer, enemy respawn too quickly. I hope Greedfall will not use the same mechanic.

Agreed. Thats what I meant.

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@havox said in Correct respawns pls:

Are you sure about level scaling? In Bound By Flame all enemies are hand placed and jump in difficulty significantly only when advancing story chapters/locations.

It doesnt matter that much. Main problem is hard respawning of everything together with a lot backtracking - that is bad design IMHO and big NO for many SP RPG fans. I hope it will be lesser problem in Greedfall because of bigger world and fast travel system.

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@greatwhitewolf1 said in Should people play this if they are afraid of the ocean?:

I have a small fear of the deep dark parts of the ocean and was wondering if this game will feature any parts where we will have to go down into the dark parts of the ocean perhaps even to the city of R'yleh. To be honest the fear of the ocean will probably make this game more exciting for me. 🙂

Well, it depends... I wouldnt expect R'yleh or some kind of free diving in the ocean. That would make scope of the project much bigger. I believe there will be some interesting hallucinations or visions of the deep ocean. Maybe there will be one or two ominous dives in gameplay too but it will be scripted. So we will see. There could be dives in the deep but I wouldnt expect diving to be big feature in gameplay.

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Yes, it is. Its dealbreaker for some fans.

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I noticed there were 2 main problems in Technomancer that players complained about - backtracking and constant respawns. Greedfall should have fast travel so I assume that backtracking wont be an issue here.

So lets go to respawns. Dear devs, pls will you correct this ĂŻssue in Greedfall?

I know a lot of RPG fans who were more or less disappointed by Technomancer because of constant respawns and will be much more intested in Greedfall if you correct this problem. Its very tedious and boring and you have feeling like you achieved nothing (no impact on the world) when every enemy quickly respawns again. This is not MMO. There could be some places where respawns make sense like guards in town (there are more soldiers than those you see on streets) or some big lair of beasts, but pls dont do respawns everywhere.

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Im not sure if there will be any characteristics like Strength, but so far it seems that those skill groups mentioned in my first comment are pretty much correct.

Social skills - Small Talk, Persuasion, Intimidation
Profession - few detective skills like Investigation, Spot Hidden Things
Knowledge - Forensic medicine, Occultism
Physical skills - Lockpicking and probably few more ( Break (into) something ? )

Of course, it could change but I would assume that it wont change very much.

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@havox said in Is it set for the game to come out in 2018?:

The games webpage still says 2018.

Because it wasnt updated. Publisher has better info and influcence regarding release dates.

That said, I hope Spiders can show some updates at E3 in 2 months, I'm a big fan of Bound by Flame, Technomancer not so much. A delay would be a major bummer although understandable.

I assume Focus will show something there. I also prefer better game with general better reception than rushed release. It seems that Greedfall could be another step up for the studio in more varied and attractive location (I like Mars settings from their games but its not really the best location for great visuals) so its better to give them time to polish.

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